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    Default Free Starter Cards for Free Realms at Best Buy!

    A new story entry has been added:

    [drupal=33]Free Starter Cards for Free Realms at Best Buy![/drupal]

    Thanks to WendyNobleCharmer, a member of our Free Realms Forum, for giving us a picture of her Free Starter Card from Best Buy! Best Buy has also teamed up with Sony (in addition to Blockbuster) to offer the Free Realms Starter Cards for FREE! We aren't sure if the other card retailers such as Target, Toys-R-Us, 7 Eleven, etc., are offering the free cards as well.

    These are the same Starter Cards that we reported on earlier being sold at Target for 99 cents, and available through our new Free Realms Insider contest! Best Buys and Blockbusters across the country are being given a limited supply of the cards, so call ahead and see if they have them and head down and pick one up for free!!

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    They're coming to Toys R Us as well.

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