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Title: Short Story Contest (:

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    Default Re: Short Story Contest (:

    This contest is over so who won? XD

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    Default Re: Short Story Contest (:

    Hey i'm Zues as if i'm only 15 learning powerful I new some one name Athina that is 14. 14 Man i'm 15.15 i don't she has the beauty of my life... Other wise. ''Zues.....'' Said my mother. ''Yes.'' I replied. '' Hurry on get your armor on.'' She said. '' Training camp again.'' I Hollered. It was summer training camp was famous in the wood land areas. I was tired accidently lost in the woods yesterday... Then came a Roar. I grabbed my Mighty sword. And athina was through beating up the monster before i came out. I was sad but happy that i could see herace once more... I glared at her till another troll tossed me to the ground. I got up and launched my sword Brutal but gentle towards the troll But then i woken in training camp day dreaming. '' Hey Zues.'' Said a man. It was Neptune. '' Am i greatful your here.'' He said. I grinned scurvey to see athina pass our door ready for training. I ran out the door ignoring the fact Neptune was there. I found there laying at my steps a stone. Seemed wierd because it looked like the 5 great land be holden stones i had 2 already but i found the 3rd I picked it up feeling great power in my Greek blood. Though i sensed time and wisdom was near. '' Zues.'' Neptune called out. I shoved the stone in my pocket. '' Hey Neptune didn't see ya there.'' I said. '' Hehe Laugh all you want but the 5th stone is near do you the other 2.'' He asked.'' I actually have 3.'' I replied holding the 3 stones as Neptune held one the greatest man kind beautiful as athina was. I grabbed it and said, '' I'll search for the third.'' My greek Blood tingled and 15 days later i found it i saw my sword glow and trolls were attacking my mighty town... i beat them and then i my life began.

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