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    Default Rain's Photo Contest!

    NOTE: This contest is just for fun! Unless someone can provide them, there will be no in-game prizes!

    Rain's Photo Contest

    Time to break out your cameras- it's time for a photo contest! There will be only one round, and there will be no in-game prizes. The theme of this contest is ANIMALS. You may take a picture of any kind of animal you want. Your picture CANNOT contain any humans (hands and feet are OK, though, if you need them in the picture) or any information that might reveal other things about you (for example, if it's taken outside your house and shows your adress) This is for your safety and mine!

    1. Your picture must contain one animal and absolutely NO humans besides hands and feet. Animals include mammals (excluding humans), birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects.
    2. You may only enter ONCE. The first picture you enter will be the one you are judged for- so choose carefully!
    3. All entries must be submitted by June 25th (**subject to change) no later than 12 am (midnight) EST
    4. Your picture may not contain: Any people (excluding hands and feet), any pictures of themes or words not appropriate for FRI, or any information that might be used to identify you.
    5. The picture MUST be your own. If you are found using a picture that does not belong to you, it will not be disqualified!
    6. Pictures are judged on quality. So, it would be wise to avoid red-eye, backlight (unless it's the aim) and other picture problems.
    7. Only black and white and sepia effects are allowed. Any other photo-editing changes (excluding removing red-eye) will disqualify your picture. This does not include putting a copyright signature on it, which you are allowed to do but must prove it is your own!
    8. We encourage you to use cats in your picture, but it's not necessary. See prizes for reasons.
    9. If you've read these rules, please write "Say cheese!" with your entry.

    Of course, the fun part! We encourage you to use cats because of these. Additional prizes may be added should they become available.
    1st place: Your picture will be featured on the banner for the second chapter of Half and Dark; bragging rights
    2nd place: Your picture may be used on a banner for Half and Dark; bragging rights
    3rd place: Your picture may be used on a banner for Half and Dark; bragging rights
    Honorable mentions: Your pictures may be used on a banner for Half and Dark

    All the pictures that obtain a "prize" (1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and honorable mentions) will be put into a banner for the 'Cats and Other Animals Outside the Clans' section of Half and Dark.

    Good luck to everyone!
    -Rain (:

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    Default Re: Rain's Photo Contest!

    Sorry don't have any pets
    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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