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Title: Race.

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    Icon11 Race.

    Tomorrow I will be holding a race around free realms. The Starting point is The sactuary palace and the finish point is the Sactuary palace. I hope you can make it! It's in server 1 and it starts when I say so. -.- Cya all in Free Realms. I'll Explain more about this race tomorrow.

    ~Jessikaa and Annnaa

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    Default Re: Race.

    Do you have a map explaining where exactly to go?

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    Default Re: Race.

    Sounds hard to pull off, but GL nonetheless

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    Default Re: Race.

    Um ok? There wasn't much information given...

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    Default Re: Race.

    Quote Originally Posted by GriffinSilentgulf View Post
    Um ok? There wasn't much information given...
    She said she was going to give more information tomorow, which is today...
    I'd love to join! :^]

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