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Title: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

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    Default OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Are you ready to get your party on? has a brand new contest for all the party planners out there in the world. If you are looking to showcase your event planning skills and imagination this is the contest for you!

    FRI will be selecting three of the events at random to win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards***. In addition the winning events will be invited to select an official party date and be featured on the front page of for players across the realms to join in the fun!

    It's simple to enter. Create and describe your party/event theme (and details) in 500 words or less. What you plan is totally up to you. You may want a Chicken Themed Party, or Thanksgiving get-together, or maybe you love Seaside Darts and have a new twist to bring to the game.

    Be sure to REGISTER today (it's free to join!) and party on! Contest runs from September 14th to September 16th at 11:59pm

    Events must be appropriate for Free Realms.
    Any images you choose to use should be taken by yourself, and from Free Realms.
    Please no personal information about yourself or another player.
    Entries must be 500 words or less. Be sure to include the theme, where it would be located, and any other important details.
    Entries will be selected at random to win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards.
    Contest starts today, September 14th to September 16th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.
    Please do not copy or enter another player's event, you need to create your own.
    One Entry per member.
    European Players will NOT be able to redeem this Station Cash Card - sorry!
    This thread is for contest entries ONLY.
    Events which do not follow these rules will be disqualified.

    Have fun!

    1st. $15 Station Cash Card
    2nd. $15 Station Cash Card.
    3rd. $15 Station Cash Card.

    Our top three events will also have a chance to select an official date, and their event to be featured on the front page of

    Unfortunately Station Cash Cards are no longer redeemable in European Countries. Future contests will feature exciting prizes available for all players to redeem. We apologize in advance for this circumstance and to our European fans.
    Thanks for your continued support!
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    I am interested in entering my contest Porter Peril.

    My IGN is Echoez.

    The lot my contest is in is my Bizarre Arena.

    Description: Players run around the playing field while I am under using teleporters to either get them off the playing field or into the captured zone. They players must keep moving, can't be on any speed increasing items, can not use consumables to stand on, and they can't stand on anything but the blue and orange platform (The playing field). Later on in the game I will raise and lower random platforms to try to make players fall off, causing them to be extra careful. After everyone is on the playing area, I will lock the house and we will begin.

    Here is a picture of the playing field:
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    IGN: Echoez

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Well, I have many events in mind, so I'll do my Remember 9/11 Event.

    Remember 9/11.
    This day has been devistating to all of those who have lost there families lives in this disaster. Terrorists strucked the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and almost the White House. 9/11. Remembering 9/11.

    To that date, we know as the most devistating day in the United States. This was also one of the worsts terrorist attacks the U.S.A. has ever had. This whole event is about Remembering 9/11. Getting together with those who have experienced this, along with those who had families lost there lifes.


    This event will contribute a Moment of Silence, Games, and another Moment of Silence. We want those to feel who have lost there families lives, or almost lost there own lives, to know that we are their for them, no matter what type of event goes on.

    Here's the Layout of the Event ~
    First 5 Minutes ~ A Moment of Silence, along with Introduction of the Event
    Next 45 Minutes ~ Games (Trivia most likely, but if good enough, then maybe twister)
    Next and Final 10 Minutes ~ A Closing Ceremony, along with another Moment of Silence.

    This is the day for those to come and show us your not afraid of the terrorists. That you have freedom. God Bless America in all the ways as you can.

    And that's my Event. I can give a time and date if It's a winner =)
    My Ign is Terenze (also in siggy)
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    (I like the way you're getting us to host more events, lol)

    I'll have to think of an event, I know I've been meaning to host one sometime!
    IGN: James Bigpeach

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Halloween Extravaganza. Grab your Halloween costumes and candy and prepare to get your spooky on. There will be games dancing and plenty of CANDY! The party will occur in the blackspore graveyard. Fighting between werewolves and vampires will result in you getting turned to carrots.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    IGN: Alex Radiantsaber

    My idea: A Human sized Chess Game, with players for the pieces! There will be a bracketed tornument, with teams making up a player and all the pieces.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Theme: Good Ol' Days
    IGN: Freddy Thunderknight
    Remember the good ol' days in FR? Now, You can make new friends, trade, party and much more like back then! I will be giving out prizes and having mini contests during this event. To win prizes, you must tweet out @XsniperbeastX I love FRI and FR because... then I will pick the 3 I like the best.

    Place: "The Rock"
    Date: 9/21 @ 5:00PM PST
    50,000 Coins
    2nd: Loose Skinny Jeans (ORANGE)
    3rd: Plaid Baseball Cap (RED)
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Idea-Hunger Games Party

    This party will be based on the popular trilogy and movie,
    The Hunger Games. It's the year of the 42nd Hunger Games, so none of the characters in the book exist, this is because many people end up fighting over/claiming characters and I would like to avoid any problems. I will also be giving out random prizes throughout the event for players who follow the rules!
    Basically, you will arrive at my Seaside Lot where there will be blocks, one for each person entering the games. The rules will be explained by me, and then on the count of three, everyone will run to the porter, or start shooting. Once you get ported, the games have really begun and you have to find a way to survive without being shot by someone else. You get 2 lives, so when you get shot, be honest and go back to the porter. Also, there will only be up to 4 allowed in an alliance and you must be grouped. Please refrain from using rides, they are against the rules; it puts other players at a disadvantage.
    The winner will be rewarded with rares/vaults or money, the prize has yet to be decided, and we will have 2-3 rounds. I will be going around and video taping the event and taking pictures to later display in a thread.
    "May the odds be ever in your favor..."
    IGN: Såmmí
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    New World: Faith

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    Theme of party: Dragons!
    Description: Bring all your dragons and dragon related things for a dragon themed party! The lot where it will be held is a castle and there is underwater treasure. You can bring boom boxes and other party items.
    Where: My Sparkling Magical Vale lot
    IGN: Swift Eyes

    "There's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for." -Samwise Gamgee

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards!

    IGN: Lögan

    Location: The contest is held in My Mary Vale Lot

    Theme: Twister Party! Dress up in Rainbow colors!

    Description: Contestants will Jump From Color to color Just Like Twister! First Round: I will tell Players To hop to witch color 2nd Round: I will add obstacles in the between the colored blocks to make it more challenging for the players 3rd Round: I will take off colored blocks to make it even more exciting and difficult for players! I will seperate players who have fallen down and that are still IG playing for the ultimate prize!

    First Place: 100,000 Coins
    Second Place: 50,000 Coins
    Third place: 25,000 Coins

    Date: No selected Date

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