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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Heres mine,
    Well me and my best friend of mine, which we have known each other for like 10 years, love the show called Cardcaptors. I own the clow cards that are from the show, and my friend loves them. So I thought it would be really awesome if I made her, her own clow cards. So I spent a month making these cards for her, and I used her favorite color to color them. When they were all done I tied them together and wrapped them up. When she opened them, I will never forget the look on her face when she say them. I loved making them for her, and ever now and then I will make another one and send it to her.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Two years ago, right before my grandma passed away (she had breast cancer, and we knew she wouldn’t be with us for much longer) I talked with all my siblings, as well as my cousins, and discussed the option of making a large scale portrait of all her grandchildren. Luckily for us, my cousin is a photographer and was able to take the picture, as well as he had the contacts to enlarge and blow up the picture. Together, all the rest of us pitched in to get a very ornate frame encrusted with the birth stones of all of us in a pattern around the edges. When all of the family got together for our party, my mother was able to avert all other adults out of the room, just leaving my grandmother with all her grandchildren. At that point, I took the picture from its “hiding place” under the tree, and gave it to my grandma. Upon opening the packaging my grandma began to cry. Of course she wasn’t sad, but she couldn’t believe that all of us would get together, and go through all the work of making a custom frame and photo for her (clearly she didn’t know how well she helped raise us). In March of the following year, my grandmother lost her fight to cancer, and right next to her, resting in a nice metal easel was the picture of all of us grandchildren that we had given to her for Christmas. At that point it was my turn to weep (not to sound like the big macho tough guy here, but I don’t cry much), however I was not the only one, as I began to talk with my cousins later on, we all admitted that we shed a few tears when we looked upon the picture of ourselves and recalled the joy our grandmother had when she received such a simplistic item as a picture. As I recall this, I find it kind of humorous that a still of the faces and bodies of a few young adults, teens, and children, could mean so much to a family, especially when we see each other so often.

    And Shepherds we shall be for thee, my Lord, for thee. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    A few years back, my mom and I went Christmas shopping for my dad and little sister. My sister and I were young and didn't know that we weren't supposed to tell each other what we gave each other. Well, we knew, but just couldn't hold it in our mouths for a week. At WALMART, I saw the cutest little Belle head that you could decorate and do her hair. My sister and I loved Disney Princesses. When I got home, my mom quickly put it in the coat closet. At the same time, I said, "Little sister, guess what I got I got you for Christmas!!! A Belle head you can do her hair with!!!" Thankfully, she didn't hear me. But on Christmas morning, my sister was handed the gift I got her. After she opened it, she said, "Big sister!! I love it!!! I knew you got me something like this!!" It was either she saw it in the coat closet or she heard me! But I didn't really care. I only cared about the smile on her tiny face and the satisfaction that I got my sister something she really loved and wanted.

    I hope you like it!
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here's mine, which actually happened in Free Realms...

    It was a calm evening in Free Realms while I was with my friend Rori Zori at my lot, and he gave me a truck load of free old school gear just for the heck of it. I thanked him very much and asked, “What do you want for it, Rori?”

    He replied, “Nothing, I do not need these.”

    Then, when I randomly switched to my postman, he saw my light blue hasty mailing shirt, and he pointed out, "Jaiyden, that is a very nice top. I really like it!"

    He collects light blue, and I really liked this top as well. However, I felt really awful, and he was such a good friend to me, so I let him have it with a broken heart, for he had given me a lot of free items. A few months passed and Christmas was on it's way. Now, that postman top I had given to Rori Zori was the last piece I needed to complete my light blue postman set. I gifted a very good friend of mine, Minlee, something she really wanted for Christmas which was a purple quick shot tunic. After I had unexpectedly gifted her, she told me, "Jaiyden, I'm gonna give you a present, too! Just wait!"

    I answered, "Awww, that's so sweet of you, Min! But, you do not have to!"

    A few days had past, and Minlee requested to trade me. As she was trading me, she put the very same kind of light blue hasty mailing postman top I gave to Rori Zori and clicked accept. I said, "Thank you soooo much, Min! It's
    EXACTLY what I needed!"

    She replied, "Ha ha, I told you I would have gotten you an awesome gift!"

    The end =)

    So, the moral of my story is:
    "If you give, you will receive much more in return" because not only that I got the item back, I also made two of my friends happy which is priceless

    Number of words: 328

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Sounds fun! I'll enter. →

    It was a rainy night; also the day before the last day of school for winter break. I just realized that I hadn't gotten my best friend, Daisy, a Christmas present yet!

    "Mom!" I yelled, "I still have to get Daisy a present!"
    "Well, I can't take you right now. It's pouring rain!"
    "But I have to get her something! Why can't you take me?"
    "I'm busy. Can't you see?" Her head gestured to the kitchen; she was cooking, so I decided it's no use to ask her again.

    But then it hit me; my older sister, who could drive, was an option.

    I ran upstairs and pounded on her door, yelling, "Diana! It's an emergency!"
    "Ugh," she replied, "What, Kamryn?"
    "I really need to go to Target to find a present for Daisy. Do you think you could drive me around to get her something?"
    "Sure." she replied.
    Her boyfriend, Kade, who was sitting next to her, said, "Diana, I'd be happy to drive your sister to the store.”
    Diana smiled, and replied, "Thank you, Kade.”
    "Grab your jackets and let's go!" Kade said, and walked downstairs with Diana and I behind him.

    We explained to Mom where we were going and then ran out the door, got into the car, and drove off. We talked until we arrived at Target.

    "Alright..." Diana said as we walked through the entrance. "What are we looking for?"
    "Dogs," I said. "She likes dogs." With that, I nearly ran to the toy section.
    Once we got to a section with girl toys, I was going up and down aisles looking for the perfect gift. I eventually ran into an adorable little dog toy, and picked one out so it looked exactly like Daisy's dog. Then I found Diana and Kade in another aisle and took them to the checkout. I paid, and then walked out the exit back to Kade's car.

    Once we got home, and I ran upstairs to wrap the present. I made sure it looked nice, and then ran back downstairs to set it down by my backpack. It was already bedtime by the time I finished, so I showered and went to bed.

    I woke up early and went downstairs to eat. I quickly got ready for school, waited for my walking buddies to come, and set off.
    I got there early and found Daisy. "Daisy!" I yelled.
    "Hey!" she replied. "You're here early."
    "I know," I laughed, "But I came here early for a reason."
    "What for? Do you have to see a teacher?"
    "I brought you a present!" I said happily, and handed it to her.
    "Oh!" she said with a surprised look. "You didn't have to get me anything! And I haven't gotten you anything!"
    "So? I don't need presents to be happy." I said. "I like giving gifts! It makes me feel better about myself."
    "Oh, Kamryn, thank you!" Daisy laughed, and hugged me.
    "Merry Christmas!" I told her.

    (It looks long, but I checked in MS Word and it's 495 words. :3)

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Last year, two days before Mother’s Day, I went on a trip to a local amusement park with my school band. I hadn’t gotten a present for my mother yet, since she said all she really wanted was to spend time with her family. So, at the amusement park, I happened to come across a candle store. I recognized it as the same one my parents and I had been in when I was several years younger, and recalled making wax ornaments with my parents for our Christmas tree. I decided to go inside and take a look. I wandered around, looking at the various wax figures and candles, when I noticed a little dog. The dog looked very similar to our dog we had at home, and it made me think instantly of my mother. I knew she would love it. I purchased the small wax dog and soon boarded the bus to head home. Two days later, I gave my mother a small bag with the dog inside. She opened it and was amazed at how beautiful it was. She smiled and said there wasn’t anything better I could have gotten her. I knew that I had made the right choice in a gift for her, and she still has that little wax dog set where everyone can see it. It brightens her mood when she sees it, and nothing makes her happier than the thought of her and her family with the little wax dog celebrating the holidays together.

    It might not be Christmas per say, but it is a holiday, and does involve giving gifts (: I remember everything that happened in this story crystal clear, but to tell it all would have take too long... Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas!
    IGN~ Råshelle
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    I met my best friend last year; we hang out all the time. When Christmas came around she had gotten me a reindeer stuffed animal. When she had handed it to me I was actually guilty, I hadn’t gotten her anything. Then, suddenly, I remembered how she was always asking me, “Can I borrow that book, The Red Pyramid?”, and it hit me. When I got home from school, I showed my mom the adorable reindeer. “We didn’t get anything for her did we?” she asked me. I shook my head in shame, “but I have an idea,” I told my mom, “My friend always tells me how she wants a book, could we go get it for her?” My mom agreed, there were only two days left until winter break.
    Right after dinner my mom grabbed her keys and we both got in the car. “We’ll go to two book stores, one of them will have to have it,” my mom explained. I was so anxious; I was jumping in my seat. We pulled into the parking lot of the first store. I flung the car door open and practically ran to the book store. I rushed through each aisle of books, just able to read the titles. I sighed in defeat, no book here. When my mom finally caught up to me she saw the frown on my face, “No book?” I looked up, “Nope.” We walked back to the car. It was almost six, the closing time for most stores. My hopes had been crushed already, so I wasn’t so excited when we pulled into the second store. I slowly walked in, this time I hardly looked at the books; I was almost in the wrong section all together. Then my mom called, “Come here, I think I found it.” My face lit up as ran over, she had found the book! I rushed over to the checkout counter, “Just this book please,” I beamed. The cashier wrapped the book up in red wrapping paper and handed it to me. “I hope your friend likes the book,” she replied. I skipped back to our car, smiling the whole way. I could hardly sleep that night; I couldn’t wait to see my friend’s reaction when she saw the book.
    The next morning when the bell rang, she came into class. “Hey, over here,” I said. She walked over and sat next to me, “Merry Christmas,” I sang, handing her the present. She thanked me then ripped it open. Her face would have split into to two if she her smile was any wider. “Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!” she hugged me and immediately opened it up to start reading. Seeing her open up the book and the smile on her face just made me feel really good inside. I decided, after feeling that way, I started giving gifts to my friends every Christmas. It makes people happy and you feel good.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Alright Heres mine:This year I wanted to make it special. Not the ordinary toy or Xbox game. But something that only you can think of and something you know that person will remember for the rest of their lives. I do happen to have a clarinet and I can play it and my friend has always wanted to hear me play it. So i practiced and practiced so hard. I practiced her favorite song, "Your Song". It took me forever to memorize because I had to learn new notes I had never even heard of before, oh joy. But you know in the end its so worth it knowing that you've made someone happy. And even though i squeeked a little bit through out the song she told me it was the best gift she could of ever asked for. And thats all that mattered to me. So really you think about "ohhh no what am i going to buy for this person!?" But no.... All you need is to put some heart into and make it your own, make is special, something this person will never forget. And I hope what I did will make her not forget. I hope you all have a magical Christmas and a happy New Year!

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    I found it finally, one day with my mom. We were walking around trying to find the perfect gift for my little sister. Finally, I looked around one more time in the toy section and found IT! The best present I would ever hope to give her. It was this big, pink, blow-up castle. I picked it up and rushed over to my mom on the next aisle. I stuffed it up in her face and when she said “YES!” I danced around with it! We walked right up to the cash register and bought it. Even though it was $50 (yes, I hesitated at this) we bought it and I skipped out to the car so happily, dragging my mom along. The next day was Christmas and I clearly remember this, because my little sister jumped on me until 7:00 a.m. and then we woke up our parents and rushed downstairs. My mom and I were very happy when she grabbed the castle first. As she slowly ripped open the package, she slowly began realizing what it was! She screamed with joy when she opened it. My dad already had a pump, and he blew it up. She loved it so much! She and I played with it every day of the week from then on! I know she loved that present so much, and it made me incredibly happy!
    IGN- Jenna Bronzearrow

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here goes nothing:

    Me and my sister paced the floor of my bedroom, trying to think of the perfect present for our mother.

    "Let's look in the closet and try to find something to make a present with!" my sister suggested.

    "Alright," I moaned, getting discouraged. We ran over to my closet door and pulled it open. We dug through 4 of my drawers. I pulled open the fifth one and sitting there was tons of packages of Model Magic.

    "We can make a present out of Model Magic! Maybe something of the dogs?" my sister asked. I gave a nod of approval and we got to work.

    I knew my mom had always loved our old dog, Harvey, (who sadly died) so I made a little figure of Harvey, while my sister made a figure of Cherry, our dog that we have right now. I also made a heart with a pawprint inside of it with the extras. When everything was dry, we added color to the dogs, adding eyes, mouths and noses.

    Our finished product looked amazing! We put everything into a bag, ready for Christmas morning.

    On Christmas day, as my mom was opening the present from us, she gasped as she saw what was inside.

    "They're beautiful!" she admired. She thanked us both a thousand times, obviously jubilant.

    At that moment, I understood the true meaning of Christmas; giving, not getting.

    Presents don't have to be bought at a store to be special! As long as they come from the heart.

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