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    Default OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Happy Holidays! In this time of gift giving & thinking of others, we want you to share a short story about a gift you gave someone else, and what it meant to that person. Make it creative! We love to read our members stories.

    • Story must feature a theme of gift giving to another recipient.
    • 500 word limit.
    • Please no personal information about yourself, or that gift recipient.
    • Entries will be selected at random. We understand it is a big holiday this weekend & we don’t want to take too much time away from your family and friends!
    • Contest starts today, December 23rd, and will run until December 26th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.
    • Stories must be appropriate and follow FRI rules.
    • Please do not copy another member's story, or the work of another author.
    • One Entry per member.
    • This thread is for contest entries ONLY.
    • Stories which do not follow these guidelines will be disqualified.
    • Have fun!

    1st. $15 Station Cash Card.
    2nd. $15 Station Cash Card.
    3rd. $15 Station Cash Card.
    4th. $15 Station Cash Card.
    5th. $15 Station Cash Card.

    This contest will be closing at 11:59pm on December 26th.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Nice idea..
    Here is my entry and memory...

    It was on a cold foggy Christmas evening coming home from a Holiday dinner at Grandma's house < I swear!> and on the side of the freeway we saw a homeless man and his dog with a sign. I said how "lucky we were to have leftovers..." and a warm family etc....and to fast drive home and we made sandwiches with those leftovers and put fruit and stuff and also a can of dog food and some Dog bones <we had 3 dogs> in a bag and drove fast back to that spot where the man and his dog still stood out in the fog and cold night by the freeway on-ramp....
    He was very happy and thanked us as we gave him his bag and wished him a Merry Christmas to him and his german shepard....We didn't want to give him money to spend on 'other' items and he needed food and we had so much! I will never forget that night.....
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    Icon11 Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Ok, here's my story:

    It was a few days before my school's winter break, and i decided to tell my parents that i needed to get a present for my dear friend. My dad took me to a book store and we stood there looking for the perfect gift.
    The next day, i walked up to her, and gave her a box of chocolates. She enjoyed them, and after a couple days had passed, i found this koala bear stuffed animal in my room, and decided that would be a really good present, so the next day i gave her the koala and we named her Kayla the koala. This has been a really great Christmas so far.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here Mine

    Right before winter break I was thinking of what get my friend for the holidays. I was thinking of getting her a book. I know she loves reading Harry Potter but she has almost all of them! But when I came to school for a event I saw the book fair! I checked if she was there or not and she wasn't. I look through and looked at each book. I saw a book called Spellbound. It looked interesting and so I got it for her. I want give her the book when I come back to school. I want give it to her as a gift for being my friend ever since kindergarten. I already wrapped the gift and waiting give it to her! I even love reading like her! She lives somewhere in my neighborhood but I don't know which house! I hope I get see her at the park because I usually got there and I sometimes see her.

    Sayonara Free Realms.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here's mine.

    Last year for Christmas I gave my mom a gift that she loved. It was last minute because she wouldn't tell me what she wanted so the day before Christmas eve (which today actually) I goyt my dad to keep my inside the house. For the next hour I was inside her car, getting "junk" out of it, vaccuming it, dusting it, and washing it. After I was finished my dad told her to come outside to see what I did for her gift and she loved it! She said in her words "The Car looks better than first I got it!"
    That's my entrty

    "Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches.
    It's thirst cannot be quenched. Untill the last man standing has fallen." --Vladimir Makarov ( <- link. click to find out who he is.)

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here is mine. Haha.

    Once, a few years ago I was sitting with my cousin. My cousin loves horses. Not joking. "Hey, you know what i would like for Christmas?" she asks me. "What? A new saddle?" I reply. "No silly, I know how you like to paint. Maybe you could paint me a picture?" Then an Idea hit me. I could paint her some horses! So the next week I talked with my Art teacher about it. It took alot of effort and time, and it turned out looking great!
    The face she had when she opened it made my heart nearly explode. She was so happy! Now, as she is older, it still hangs in her room. Every time I see it, i feel the same feeling. Pure happiness.

    Thats my entry I hope I did okay.
    Ign: Nóva

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.


    As soon as I came home from school, I knew today was the day. Today was the day I have actually felt good about myself. A few days earlier, I was at a local store, while the cold and dreary day was continuing to go worst. Me and My Mother was out getting some christmas presents. We didn't know what to get what so ever, but then, I came across a rose-petal made of stone. "Oh oh!! Mother!! I think we should get this for someone," I said frantically. "Like who?" She said while wondering. "Oh!! Maybe my teacher? I know she would love it!!" So after a couple of days of shopping, they decided to get the rose-petal.

    That next day, I walked in to our class as our teacher came in. I sat my stuff down on the top of my desk, and went up to her desk. "Mrs.Sunflower? I would like to give you something. This is an honor for being the best teacher alive!" She looked at me like this was a surprise, but once I gave her the rose-petal, she began to cry. From this day foward, This would be the first time I would see my Teacher Cry.

    The End.
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    A Cliched Christmas Gift Story- here goes nothing...

    I'd say it was about 2 years ago when I offered a special friend of mine a cake. There was a Christmas dinner happening so I decided to bake my friend a large cake for the dessert. I began baking my awesome masterpiece and embellished it with all sorts of little decorations and such. I guess you could call it my "Magnum Opus," or my superb work of art. I loaded it into a container and drove it over to my friend's house. As I was walking out, I slipped on the frosty ground and dropped the cake. The whole cake collapsed and I was in a heap of frosting. Unfortunately the dinner had to go without dessert (a disaster, I know right?). The only thing I thought of doing was to write a card to my friend. She immediately ripped open the enveloped and gave me a huge hug. I was baffled so I asked her if she was mad. She said I took thought into writing her a card and she was sufficed by it. She told me anything more would be superfluous. I gladly smiled and she returned me with a smile.

    Moral of the story: A true friend would definitely see the intrinsic value of thoughts that come from your heart.
    Merry Christmas Insiders!
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    Here's my story...

    It was Christmas Eve, about ten o'clock at night. My sister and brother both got me gifts, and I needed to find a gift fast. I had nothing store bought, so I had to make a Christmas gift for each of them. I made my brother a model Spiderman out of toilet paper. (It is true.) I made my sister a home-made ring that I made from a Crystal Lego piece and stuck it to a key holder. (You know those things you can slide your keys into.) I used glue to hold it together. All night I thought of how much my siblings would hate the gifts. When Christmas morning came, I presented my gifts. When I gave my brother the Spiderman, he said he loved it, but when I gave my sister the ring, it fell apart. I expected her to start crying, and I was sad myself because I knew I didn't want anyone to be sad on Christmas, but instead she hugged me and said that she loved it and it was her favorite gift. I learned that Christmas isn't about fancy gifts, it's about giving from the heart.

    Bye FreeRealms!
    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE of FIVE $15 SC Cards! Running December 23rd to 26th @ 11:59pm EST.

    This is my story of a boy in hospital at the Christmas day.

    In a early day before Christmas, a little boy at the hospital hoped that he will be ok and will be able to spend the Christmas with his family. The boy had cancer in his left leg, but he was still waiting for a miracle. Later that day, Santa came to the hospital to meet the children and ask them what do they want for Christmas this year. All of the kids were standing in line to sit on the Santa's lap. Then was the little boy turn:"Hello, Santa!". "Hello there, little boy. What would you like for this Christmas," said Santa. The boy looked at the nurse and then turned back to Santa:" I wan't to spend this Christmas with my family." Santa sigh and removed his neckles from his next. He said:" Here... take this and things will get better!" Santa put his neckles around the little boys neck:"It will be ok, I promise!" Few hours later the docters decided to amputate the little boy leg. At the evening of the day, the boy had a surgery and his leg got removed. Next day- the doctor said that the boy is healing well and he can sign out by the middle of the day. At 17:00 the boy had a suprise- his family came to pick him up and take him home. When the little boy saw his parents, he started to cry and so did his parents. "Mommy, daddy! *sniff* I missed you!" the boy said. "We missed you too," the boys parents said at the same time and had a huge smile in their faces. Half hour later, the boy and his parents were home. Even though the boy had only one leg now, it wasn't a obstacle for the happines and joy that they had.

    Hope you like it!
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    show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

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