Hey there Carolina Again
I just wanted to add my expirience while helping out my besty who just two weeks ago moved to new york . im so sad but we met in free realms turned out we went to the same school. and she was new on freerealms and i decided to help her out. she was lost and shy. she did not like to talk to people much and she said that many people were mean so thats why she didint talk much but she asked me for help hoping i wouldnt be the same as those bad people. welll i helped her out we turned out to be the best of best friends and im glad now we communicate through email chat and FREEREALMS. me and her loe this game its so exiciting and you know at least we can still communicate.

WElll that was pretty much it thanks alot and i hope i can win i really want to become a member so good luck to you all also love Carolina