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Title: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    I still remember the day I joined Free Realms over 3 years ago. I realized how awesome the game was, and decided to work hard on my character to make her strong.
    My goal was to get as strong as possible quickly. I managed to level my ninja in less than a few days, but I really had trouble with my adventurer. I could never find the rare and elite exploration coins, so I came to FRI for the very first time and took a look at the coin guides.

    It just so happens that I've been working on a Sunstone Valley coin guide for the past week and just finished today. I really appreciated the help I got from guides when I started, so I wanted to return the favor by making my own guide now that I know where all the coins are. I began to type the whole guide in this post but soon realized I didn't have enough room. I'll be making a thread in the Collections section of the forum and posting a link at the bottom of this post.

    Sample of the guide:

    **NOTE: Click all pictures to make them larger.**

    Places I will use as landmarks:

    These landmarks are unlocked when discovered. To use my guide fully, all of them will need to be unlocked before you start.

    Rare Exploration Coins

    Noggle's Retreat
    Spoiler: show
    Teleport to robgoblin smelting and turn east. The coin is behind Noggle's tent.
    Attachment 47716
    Attachment 47718

    Scorch Stream Falls
    Spoiler: show
    *Note* I start this coin at an Elite Exploration Coin location. If you don't know where it's located, you should skip down to the Elite Exploration coins part and grab it. The name of the coin is in one of the pictures below.
    Attachment 47719
    To get to this coin, turn towards the right in the picture above and swim towards land. You need to approach the coin on the right side to get to it. You may need to back track a bit and run through some robgoblins to get to the side of the waterfall.
    Attachment 47720

    Attachment 47737

    Sunstone Arch
    Spoiler: show
    This one is at the entrance of Sunstone from Shrouded Glade. If you missed it when entering, teleport to the main warp stone and follow below.
    Attachment 47735Attachment 47734
    Attachment 47736

    And that's basically what it looks like. I wasn't done with these first few posts when I pasted them into this thread, so they're more detailed in the real thread. 8]

    The full guide can be found here:

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Hello There this is Carolina,
    In my first weeks on free realms it was hard i did not know what to do and i was lost alot of members were mean to me saying haha look at the newb and i felt sad. but a friend helped me out i was so glad. she taught me about quest and battles and more. i leveled up to level 20 explorer and level 20 card duelist yay. i will thank her all my life for helping me in the game. i was shy to make friends and it was not easy you know people who played long time ago you know would not know you and some people there were nice some gave me clothes home stuff and and weapons im so grateful. i've been playing freer realms for almost a year now next year im gonna be 1 year old and all iw ish is to become a member thats why i need the sc so i can become a member and be like many of my friends. and for the new people i say that if they ever need anything i would help them i would give them my clothes to them. because i do not want them to have to pass through what i passed. in life you need some help in certain times and dont be mean cause i bet you loved when people traeted you nicely. i was bullied lots on the game and now i stand up for myslef you stand up to bullies becasue you are not just a piece of trash your a human and you must be trated like one. in the game and battles you can level up faster by doing the wuest for each job if you do the quest you level up fast and by doing harder battles you level up even faster. just dont get fustrated have fuun its just a game and you play it for fun im a total addicted pperson to freee realms I LOVE YOU FREE REALMS.. the best game ever invented i love it. if you ever need help do not hessitate to contat me. i love the game and the friends and i totally recomend it to all my friends. what i like is that you dont have to walk much you can teleport lol i do not like to walk much me lazy even in games lol . In free realms friends mean everything they cab help you when ever your down have fun and you know if you ever need help just call . REMEBER I LOVE FREE REALMS HEHEHE . I would really love to wi i want to be a member so bad. so you know good luck to you all and i wish the best of the best of luck. I love you guys and rember dont be mean to one another on free realms for race color or for name or for non members or members or newbs be nice and love all people. YOU GUYS ROCK

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    Icon1 Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    When I first entered Free Realms I was so exited. But there was a huge problem I was having... I couldn't make any friends or guides. this was when Free Realms was just opened. Apparently before the memberships and SC came out there are always those people who think there better than everyone else, and that is still happening now... I did notice a few other pixies like me looking sad and left out. we all just talked about how we can befriend more people, but the only way we could think of is doing that SC and members thing, but we didn't want to do that stuff. We found a person who was on a guild called <free realms insiders> we tried to befriend them and they accepted our friend request! She was the first human who would be are friend and talk to us! She even gave us some rare clothes to wear, but she said, "It's not all about clothes, but if you want to make more friends you have to look impressive, and deny those who have denied to be your friend. If they ask twice tell them they shall not judge by name and your character's looks. You shall spread that this is all about fun, happiness, friends, and what YOU enjoy, not what others enjoy! This is a place to be yourself and your fantasy!" We were all struck by how great of a comment and how friendly she was. And what she said helped A LOT! we got tons of friends and denied the who denied us, if they asked twice we would tell them that they shall not judge and this is a place for your freedom, fantasy, and yourself. Sense that day I have hundreds of friends and haven't denied a single friend request! I help new comers level up, get rares, learn tricks, glitches, and give them or (coin shop) buy them clothes! I think it's nice to do stuff for one another, but I always tell them to never ever deny or be rude to others no matter how they look no matter pixie or human this is not the place for judging.

    I really wish I remember the insider guild girl's name, but sadly I don't..... Thank you kind guild member!

    (Please don't be a begger! people are not gonna just hand over there best stuff to you! Anyways no one likes beggers in or outside the game! Thank you!)

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    My guide will be on whispering a non-friend

    Hello there! When I started playing FR, I was confused at first, until I got ahold of the chatting system. I picked up on it very quickly! This guide will tell you about how you can whisper a non-friend in a short and simple way, for all of those who hardly can't whisper!
    Here's the steps you need to follow..

    1) You need to find the chat bar (Bottom at the center)
    2) You need to put this in the box..
    /tell "The Name" Your message you would like to tell them.. (EX. Can I join your guild?)
    3) Send it!

    If they are your friends, go to your friends list..
    then, press on there name..
    Finally, find the little chat bubble, press it, then it will all pop up automatically. Just type in your message now!

    Good luck with getting this all straighten out!

    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    HAVE YOU EVER MADE FUN OF A PIXIE?!??!!?!??!?!??!??!??!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!?

    I've been playing free realms for about 3 years 3 years once Spooktacular starts. I first started with a pixie but that was a big mistake, being a pixie has a few advantages that humans don't have. Pixies (fairies) can fly, pixies also can sleep on their side like on a bed when they do the sleep emote. I didn't like free realms at first because people would make fun of me and call me a newb and a prissy pixie, and a fat fairy. I wanted to quit!!! But then I found some nice people named Lyric Dazzinggate I knew her in real life she got me into free realms and I liked the commercials so I wanted to play it. I also met some other nice people named Maddy Dazzlinggate, and Megan Icybay, and Julia Happygulf. Meeting different people from around the world was cool. And free realms provided a safe way to talk to them through the filter. Many people at school make fun of me for playing free realms because they think I'm too old. I have made my file go so far and so long I just don't want to delete it. I no longer have my pixie due to hacking problems. All of the people who just started free realms are lucky because Chatty teaches you how to do things. And hacking has been controlled.

    Starting Free Realms was fun. Here is my guide to it.

    1.) Make some Friends don't have over 2,000 though because then your friends list gets all wacky.

    2.) Join a Guild joining guilds is a great way to make friends a lot of guilds make videos, have parties, and do fasion shows

    3.) Decorate your Condo. Decorating houses are so much fun although you will need money to do it

    4.) Do quests. Some quests give you clothes

    5.) Do battles. Battles are fun because you get rewards

    6.) Cook learn how to be a chef. Being a chef lets you make foods, some foods you make do things

    7.) Play some card games. Card games are fun and get your brain moving.

    8.) Play Micro games, hack n slash, checker, feeling the beat

    9.) Harvest! Harvesting is a great way to get clothes and money and supplies for cooking

    10.) Explore and have fun

    This entry has exactly 394 words

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    I remember being so excited as I created my character. I wanted to explore, but I did not know where to go first. I noticed a sign in the middle of Crossroads; it was a sign of a snowy mountain. Curious, I followed the path it had pointed me to. In return, I was welcomed to a wonderful snowy-paradise called Snowhill. I remember being so surprised, for I thought everything of the graphics at the time, they looked almost life-like then. I explored all of the major areas Seaside, Briarwood, Blackspore, Merryvale, Shrouded Glade, Wugachug, Sanctuary, ans Snowhill. Yet one day, I found Lakeshore and Stillwater Crossing. It was stunning, an equal balance of peace and tranquility. I thought I had conquered the land of Free Realms; but I was just introduced to new exploration and hiding-places. To all you new adventure-loving people, you'll always find something new.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    My First Week In Free Realms

    Once upon a time, a young girl named Jenna Bronzearrow freshly entered the world of Free Realms. She was excited, and yet did not understand anything about this new and mysterious game. At the young age that she joined, Jenna did not know about other jobs or anything. She felt content to run around in the woods and climb mountains. Jenna was very happy to be playing in this adventurous world. She had two main outfits. A red striped tank top, white skinny jeans, and black lace-up flat boots for exploring; a light green one-shoulder shirt, white skinny jeans, and grey peep-toe pumps for formal wear. Throughout her first week of playing, she started to figure out new options. She could change jobs! Little Jenna Bronzearrow was very happy. She could now climb on a mountain as an archer and shoot from high up, or sneak in the shadows like a ninja. Jenna was very content now. Her friends joined, her sister joined, and Jenna was never happier. In the first week of Free Realms, Jenna had never climbed so many mountains or ran so far before. Free Realms made Little Jenna Bronzearrow very happy, and has ever since she joined.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    My first week in FreeRealms... was during Beta.

    Of the things I had to learn then, only one still applies... where does one begin the Ninja quest line?

    First, type "M" to see the map. North and East from Sanctuary is Lakeshore. Go there (now there's a shortcut, you can click that warp stone icon on the map).

    When you arrive at Lakeshore, go west to the lake itself. Turn left at the lake's shore, and follow the land around the edge of the lake until you reach Ty's house. He is the ninja trainer, and he will get you started understanding what it means to be a Ninja, and send you to places where you can get training to become a better ninja.


    The Ninja clothing options grow cooler as your levels increase, so even though it may take awhile - it's worth it!

    PS -- Note: Ninja is now a Members-only job after level 4.99. At least everyone can enjoy it until then, but membership is required for levels 5 and higher.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Free Realms is all about helping new players, or just helping out your friends. One person in particular that I help a lot is my friend. He moved to Dallas, Texas a few months ago, so Free Realms is basically the only thing I can use to contact him. He just got on yesterday with me after he hadn't been on for about a month, and I had already finished the new Sunstone Valley quest. He really liked the new items I had, so I gave him all my extras for free. Also I helped him complete most of the quest. He was really happy!
    Sometimes I see a new player getting teased by returning players. I get really annoyed with them because they used to be new players too. I frequently stick up for "Newbs" because I feel like it is the right thing to do. Sometimes I even give them some better clothes so they fit in better. (I find the "Newb" term inappropriate and downright cruel.)
    When a player asks me for a rare, like Sport Shades, instead of being mean and declining them right away in a rude way, I let them show me their offer, because you never know, that person could have rares even though you might not think so. That basically raps up my opinion on helping people on Free Realms. But, always remember, treat others the same way you would want to be treated.
    For the greatest aspects of Free Realms, I think one of the best are Free Realms's oustanding, helpful, and confident Referees in their awesome black and white striped Ref shirts! I fell like they treat us so wll and we owe them a lot of gratitude. For example, when I got hacked once, I immediately contacted a Ref and he greeted me instantly. He caught the hacker AND got all of my items back. Imagine where I would be if Referee Gold wasn't there to help me.
    Another great aspect of Free Realms is all the wonderful things you can do! Dueling, adventuring, collecting, completing quests, hanging out with friends, and tons of other things. I love Sunstone Valley and all the new clothes and items you can get. Also, all the new things that were added like, Farming, Vaultberry, and Mystery Chests add great features to the game.
    One last great feature is Free Realms in all. The storyline is so complex and detailed it makes the game seem like it could be real. All the creatures add great detail to the game. Think of all the work SOE had to do to create this game! And lastly, Insiders. Insiders is probably the best aspect of the game! It posts all the updates and new features coming out on its forums! It also allows Free Realms players to communicate outside of the game! Though not a true aspect, I consider it one! I love Insiders and can't wait to hear about the winners! Congrats to the soon-to-be winners!

    Bye FreeRealms!
    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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