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Title: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

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    Default OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Welcome to another weekly contest here at This week we will be asking members to use their creative side once again, and briefly return to their favorite spot in Free Realms for the purpose of creating a personal player story.

    Stories must be limited to 500 words in length, and explain why you believe this place, game, or item found in Free Realms is the greatest you have ever experienced. It may be simply because you appreciate the art you found there, enjoy the activities around where you are, or that you have a favorite party or game moment from there. Whatever the reason, we want you to transport us to that place through your writing!

    Contest starts today, September 28st, and will run until September 30th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. The three selected winning entry will be chosen at random to win ONE $15 Station Cash Cards, or ONE of TWO biker Helmet and Shades codes to redeem.

    Story must feature a theme or specific content based on the world of Free Realms.
    Please keep your story to 500 words or LESS.
    Please no personal information about yourself or another player.
    Writing must be appropriate
    Please do not copy or enter another player's writing.
    One Entry per member.
    European Players will NOT be able to redeem this Station Cash Card - sorry!
    This thread is for contest entries ONLY.
    Stories which do not follow these guidelines will be disqualified.
    Have fun!

    1st. $15 Station Cash Card
    2nd. One Biker Helmet and Shades codes
    3rd. Biker Helmet and Shades codes


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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    It was a nice beautiful sunny day in the land of Sunstone Valley. I was having a great time trading around with other players and making profit on certain items, when I stumbled across somebody very peculiar. He was being very shady and out of nowhere he pickpockets every item I have out of my pockets! He told me I could have my items back if I raced him on the new track; of course I said yes. We both went to the race track, and raced to win the items, when he tripped me up and i stumbled across this massive mountain. I looked briefly for a few seconds and I went and tripped him up. He sprained his ankle and I won the race! I got my items back and returned to that spot every day and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you guys!

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    Icon11 Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    The day I exited gloomy Shroud Glades and enter the bright beautiful Sunstone Valley it was a curing moment. It was so pretty, mystical, fun, bright, big, and full of adventure! I got on my pegasus and frolicking around. The water was pure blue, the plants were a pretty green, the cacti were big, the creatures big and wonderful. I love the brightness of the sun and colors. I love earning the sweet items and battling huge monsters. I loved showing off my ninja skills, jumping off cliffs and battling with my sweet shadow ninjas! I love how great and how big the land is! Finding the adventurer coins are cool, they lead to a new mystery and a bright beautiful view of the new wonderful land that has appeared before me! I really feel the sun and beauty in this perfect digital creation. It is a fun powerful experience everytime you enter Sunstone Valley!

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    One day at my Snowhill Lodge while I was vacationing, I read the local newspaper on my couch in front of the fireplace. "Citizens from all over Sacred Grove help Sunstone Valley citizens build bridge through the two countries!" The first sentence on the paper said. Later that day, I packed up my suitcase, went home, then rode up to Shrouded Glade. When I got there, I helped build the last part. Next month, they opened it up to the public. I walked into this new world with everyone from Shrouded Glade, carrying a gift to bring to the mayor of Sunstone Valley. As I walked into the border, I saw this bright sun, which I couldn't see at home because of the trees. There was mechanics, blacksmiths, and miners everywhere! I preferred ninjas, since I do karate lessons to newbies of Shrouded Glade. I still remember the first picture I took in Sunstone Valley with all the citizens of Shrouded Glade and Sunstone Valley.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    It was a hot day in Sunstone Valley,Humans and Pixies pouring in to help. What I found wierd was that nobody had noticed my friend Emerald and I. Emerald was on her stomach on her dwarftech hoverboard,and so was I. I held my breath,jumped up,and set off with Emerald on my heel.
    "Maddy!" Emerald yelled,I looked back and was knocked into a pesky robgoblin.
    "Hey! Watch it,pal!" I snapped at the robgoblin. He walked off,mumbling something about me. Emerald pointed at a Pixie looking at us,and quickly pulled me to our cave. It had two mattresses,a couch and flat screen TV,small kitchen,and a place where the bathroom was. I pulled my blonde hair out of the ponytail,letting it fall around my shoulders. Emerald's hair was a purple-red that was short and normally kept neat. I pulled a camera out of my pack and took a picture of us with beatiful Sunstone Valley behind us.
    "I hope this life never ends. To us!" I said,raising a soda to Emerald.
    "Cheers!" Emerald said,and we tapped our sodas together.
    The End Of A Perfect Day
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    It was dark in Sunstone Valley. The sun had gone down, but the mountains still glowed as if the sun was still up. I could clearly see the translucent Sunstones on the other side of the bridge and my horse, Diamond, charged over towards them. We were just heading back when Diamond glanced behind her and saw a Feathered Drake coming right for us. Its massive feathery wings were spread wide and its huge fangs glinted eerily in the moonlight.
    “Those Drakes are so annoying,” I grumbled as Diamond spun around and make a run for it, hooves clopping on the stone roads.
    The Manguana we passed didn’t seem interested in attacking us and we lost the Drake when we crossed the bridge. Apparently, they hate the water. It gets their feathers wet and then they can’t fly. We went too close to a coyote and it yelped, startling Diamond and causing her to rear. Sunstone Valley is not the place for easily spooked horses I guess, but at least she was fast. Rumble Ridge was full of people zooming around on motorcycles. The air was filled with dust and the roar of the engines.
    “I guess we aren’t going to get over there,” I said and Diamond spun around again, racing back towards the Manguana. We narrowly missed a cactus, bristling with spines and raced past a tree with a reddish trunk that twisted all over the place, stretching green leaves towards dark blue night sky.
    Diamond jumped into the water with a splash and swam over to a glowing rainbow wall of stars that scrolled upwards and disappeared. The passage way was blocked by the rainbow but was filled with water and surrounded by a rock wall decorated with zigzagging lines. We left that behind, heading for the scrapyard. We stirred up sand and passed robgoblins wearing strange goggles and masks, all of them wielding wrenches. But they decided not to take on a horse and let us pass.
    Inside the scrapyard, a huge contraption was whirring and hissing, clanking its grasping hand together. The robgoblin Mech was more than a match for a horse and a couple of exploding arrows. It took one lumbering step towards us, but Diamond was half way to Rumble Ridge by then. All that was left there was a trail of dust.
    Diamond skidded to a stop in front of one of the houses. Fires were glowing in barrels, the house festooned with torches. People gathered there and hung out all day and night long. I sighed, looking up past the Warpstone and looking at the arch-like bridge. An eagle soared lazily past it, against the dark blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. It was just another adventure-filled day in Sunstone Valley and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
    The End. (It’s 474 words)

    "There's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for." -Samwise Gamgee

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Let's rewind three years from now. The swanky place to hangout, which is called the Sanctuary. During the day you can take a walk down the lengthy rugged road and see the leafy and glamorous shops all over. When you look up you'd see that dazzling Bixiewood sign on top the mountain which made this place unique. If you're not walking you're doing quests such as delivering mail as a postman, cook to your hearts content as a chef and duel your way to victory as a card duelist. There's even mini games you can play, this place has everything. Not only that it was THE hangout and place where everyone would gather with friends and to meet new friends. I do my daily routine of playing Bixie Defense, cook to my hearts content as a chef, and do my job as a postman delivering mail to be top of the leaderboards. If I'm not doing anything else but that, I'm relaxing by the big tree dueling with old friends and new friends. The place was packed and always busy, whether you're seeing someone doing a quest or simply just passing by to hang for a bit. It's basically a spectrum of endless ways to keep you entertained, which had me hooked from the start. There is much to explore around this area too, you just got to look for what this place has in store for you! During the day everyone would gather and wait till dawn in game, until the street lights light up. Which made this part of Sacred Grove the most exiting! As dawn creeps up everyone would gather in the middle and that's where all the fun begins. Everyone would break out their boomboxes and we'd all have fun dancing, chatting and dueling till the break of dawn. I would always make new friends each and every day here. That's what I loved about coming here. It was just nothing but good times, everyone was friendly and we'd have a blast chatting with the Referees too! Times changed and it's no longer the hot spot as it once was. Although the memories and fun times I had there would never be forgotten. To me this will always be the "heart of Sacred Grove". This is where it all started for me, and that's why it will always be my favorite area in Free Realms, there's no doubt about that. To make my time so much more enjoyable and fulfilling is finding my best friends from fate or possibly luck, it could be both. All in all without them my day spend on here would never suffice without them!

    Story is 443 words.
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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    Spoiler: show

    The date was November 28, 2009. I was watching TV, and when the commercials came on, I got up to get something to drink, but stopped shortly in my tracks as I looked and saw a Free Realms commercial. I had never heard of the game before and it looked interesting. I walked to my mother’s room and asked if I could use her computer to try out the new game, she allowed me to. When I got to the site, I simply made a new account and soon, I was in the game playing, but not after a long wait for the screen to load. When the screen was done loading, I looked around and saw a beautifully detailed Highroad Junction, thinking to myself, “Wow this is amazing!” I looked at my character, I was looking at the back of her, seeing the black Ragged Hair style I had given her, the green matching cardigan and layered skirt, completed with black strapped shoes.
    Going through the tutorial showing me how to do things such as look in my inventory, and doing a couple quest learning to cook and fight, I wanted to explore. I didn't see the map icon at first, so I just walked up a stony path, with curves and mountains starting to surround me, I had no idea that they had snow at the top, at the time, so I thought I was in in a pretty clear, grassy area when I came around the soccer field, not knowing I would enter a snowy one soon.
    The view in the distance was faded and came into view the closer I got to it. The view was gorgeous with trees and nice, fluffy, white clouds, and a barn with cute cows! I noticed snow showing in the green grass. When I got close enough, an icon of a mountain top showed, saying “Now entering Snowhill”. I said to myself, “Snowhill? What’s that?” When I passed the huge arch with the same icon, I was mind blown. I must’ve had my graphic settings on really high, because I saw a drop dead version of Christmas on Free Realms.
    People were running around, playing and talking with one another, my chat history was running! It was a bit laggy, but I didn’t mind. The sky would be a beautiful light blue on the edges to a gorgeous periwinkle in the center, with huge, white clouds crossing the sky. I walked to the center, and saw the largest tree I’d seen on the game so far, it looked so pretty with folderol decorations but a bit of a glowing light surrounded this tree, as it warmed delightful presents beneath it. Being new to the game, I didn’t know a single soul, so I decided to just sit back and watch others be happy with their friends, and enjoy this otherworldly place. My first day on Free Realms, was so remarkable, how could I ever forget?

    (500 words exactly, well at least I hope it is. I used Microsoft word to count how many, it said 500
    but I used this other program to count and it said 505, so i fixed it just to play safe.)

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    My sister and I were at my grandmother's house, watching T.V. when we suddenly saw a FreeRealms comercial. I saw how the game worked and we were excited. Days later we tried it out on our computers and we absolutely were AMAZED! When I saw an ememy walking by I warned my sister to stay away. (Now these days I feel silly doing that, for I now know they couldn't attack you in the open) Months later we got used to the controls and places of FreeRealms. I saw "Membership" deals and I decided to try out for a while as a member. I was sooo glad I bought it and I felt like a professional player of FreeRealms! Sadly, after the expiration came I felt no longer like a pro. One year later, (Wow! Such a long time!) I saw the deal for a LIFE-TIME MEMBERSHIP! I luckily had to money to buy it, so I bought it! I was like, "Awwwwwwww YEAH!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!" And life WAS good. I had the ability to buy new member items and DO member events! FreeRealms amazed my sister (because she also, of course, became a life-time member) and I. Everytime I play FreeRealms, I get those silly memories rushing to me in a unison. It made me think, "Memories are precious images, just like FreeRealms." But I'm not addicted, just..... wowed.... amazed.... There's, like, so many ways to describe that one feeling. And now... I've really become close to being a pro (despite my bad luck in TCG DX). This game I recommend to my best friends and they love it. I hope FreeRealms will continue this gaming system, along with more updates (I just love new surpises!) Thanks for letting me express about my favorite game!

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL: Win ONE $15 Station Cash Card OR Exclusive Sunstone Valley Prizes!

    I told my story in-character. That's okay, right?

    My story is about Briarwood, my favorite region.

    Spoiler: show
    Greetings, weary traveler. It is I, Kelvin. What’s that? A tale you ask of me? Very well.
    Allow me to tell you a tale... a tale of a dark and mysterious land.

    Out there, beyond the known Realm, lies a dark forest. Those who journey in and return alive, come with a story. I am one of these people.

    In the fabled land of Briarwood lies a dark and mysterious maze. Those who enter can become lost in the hedges, sometimes even go insane. But on my first quest into this dark maze, after many days, I found my way… to the other side.

    What lay before me was the forest of Bristlewood, and I might add, it almost even more confusing than the maze. But I dared through the dark woods. I fought every danger that the land threw at me. Spiders, wolves, zombies! And I made it.

    In the next area of Briarwood, I found Nettleseed, a vast field of gargantuan sized poisonous mushrooms! I’d learned my lesson in the maze and in Bristlewood. I laid low and made sure I stayed hidden. I managed to Eavesdrop on the Chugawug Soldiers of the forest. Why they were there, I never knew. Legend said the worked for an evil witch, of who settled in the very heart of Briarwood. I was intrigued by this legend, which was one of the reasons I journeyed to this land. And I found some very useful information regarding the whereabouts of this witch from the conversation of the Chugawugs.

    You see, the walls separating Nettleseed and Briarheart were too large, thick, hard and impenetrable to get through. There was only one way to Briarheart.

    I had to prove myself to the Chugawug Soldiers… in Tanglewood Fort.

    Upon challenging the soldiers, I fought many battles within the fort. I would prefer to leave the details out of the story.

    Upon defeating the final Chugawug Commander, I demanded he bring me to the witch.

    He didn’t know what I was talking about.

    The Commander told me that there was no witch. Only a Queen.

    Queen Darkthorne.

    Instead I asked to see her, and he obliged.

    I was brought through a cave that ran through mountains, over paths between guard posts and gigantic thorned vines. Until finally… the most magnificent sight.

    It nearly mirrored the Palace of Sanctuary… just a little darker and thornier. It took my breath away. From the Commander’s description, both of the palaces sprang from the same seed. Why was this?

    Upon entering the palace, it was a magnificent sight, lit by a flickering purple chandelier of flames.

    And there, standing right before me, was Darkthorne herself.
    She praised me for making it thus far. I thanked her, and asked her, to explain. What was going on here?

    She looked straight into my eyes, and asked “Can I trust you?”

    Upon saying yes, she told me.

    But before I can tell you, let me ask you this.

    Can I trust you?

    According to Microsoft Word, it's 499 words.
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