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    Default Murder Mayhem - The Game!

    Murder Mayhem - The Game!

    Murder Mayham - The Game! is a recreation of the wildly popular Assassin game played on college campuses around the world.

    Players try to eliminate each other using mock weapons until only one player remains.

    "The Basics"

    You must sign-up to play

    Play continues until there is only one player left "alive"

    In order to "murder" the other players, you must find them in game, target and hit them with Silly String, and yell "MER DER MAYHEM!".

    Once you are "DEAD" you are out of the game.

    After "murdering" another player, you post on the current month's Game Thread who you "killed".

    You will be awarded 1 point for each player you eliminate from the game.

    You will be awarded 2 points for being the last person alive.

    The player with the most number of points wins!!!!

    "The Fine Print"

    1. You must sign-up before the posted deadline. Once the game begins, sign-ups will be closed.

    2. Once the game begins, You must accept friend requests from the other players, failure to do so will cause disqualification

    3. You can only eliminate players as the character that is signed up for the game (in other words you cannot log in with an alt and "murder" someone).

    4. You should post here immediately after the "kill", only the first player to "murder" someone gets the awarded point

    5. You can only play with one character . Playing with multiple characters is cause for elimination from the game, public ridicule, and a public flogging with a wet banana!

    6. And please, No fighting, arguing, or whining!

    7. The most important rules is, HAVE FUN!!!

    Murder Mayhem - The Game!

    Follow along with this months game!


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