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    Default Insiders VS. Mystic Mayhem Party! *SPECIAL!!!*

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello everybody how are you?INSIDERS VS MMHey everyone I am having a HUGE party for Mystic and Insiders! How fun is that?! I know it's gonna be alot of fun for all! This is how you play, you pick an opponent from Insiders and whoever wins gets a point! If you get a point add that in your head and however much points you get tell it to me ( Penguin Master ) And whichever guild gets the most points wins! Where is it? Forest Troll FortWhen is it? 8PM Eastern,7PM Central, 6PM Western, & 5PM Pacific time. Friday, See you all there,Pengy Read more: Mystic Mayhem - A Free Realms Community - Insiders VS. Mystic Mayhem Event *SPECIAL!*
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    Default Re: Insiders VS. Mystic Mayhem Party! *SPECIAL!!!*

    While I understand the spirit of this event may be in good fun, I don't think it is wise to create an event such as this. At least not yet. There are still some hurtful feelings on both sides, and we would like to create a friendly relationship between the two. thank you for thinking of our guild, but it's just not the right time for such an event.

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