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    Default Fashion Show Network**NOT DONE YET!!** PLEASE DON'T POST

    Fashion Show Network

    How it Works:
    First, post your character in this round's theme clothing. After the round's finished, I'll collect information and put it together in a little episode. I'll post it to YouTube on my character's account and then post it here. I won't tell you who the winner is until the end of the episode. After about a week after I posted the video, I'll start the next round. The same prodecures will go on for every round.

    Winner's Prizes
    The winner is able to pick up to three of these following items.

    "About Me" Video---I'll take a video of anything you like to do and in a video editor, I'll add text and your choice of music. You will send me (VM or PM) what text and music you want.

    Secret Prize---This is kind of like a raffle. I give you three of the same pictures. They'll be numbered: 1,2, and 3. You will then choose, you're aiming to get the best prize that week. Chose carefully. I'll tell you the highest prize, but not the others. Some will have nothing at all or will have multiple prices.

    Free Item from Kat's Market---Pick an item from Kat's Market and get it for free! If it's on hold, I'll talk to the one who has it on hold and see if you can get it, if not you have to pick another one plus another free item!

    Personalized Avvie or Siggie from W.a.l.k.i.n.g o.n. S.u.n.s.h.i.n.e. Graphics-- Princess Melanie will send you a coupon and form for you to fill out and she will make your personalized avvie or siggie!
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