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    Default <Elite Cardie Crew> is hosting next TCG Tourney :D

    <Elite Cardie Crew> is hosting next tourney for every Free Realm player ! Since on last one appeared some Insiders, now I wanted to officially invite you guys! All insider forum viewer is speccially invited by me: Johnny Lizardgate Leader of <ECC>
    If U like to play TCG or mayby you hate that , you would like to improve your playing skills, meet some friends, find out some new deck building ideas or you are interested in great rewards you can win (who doesn't like free rewards ) or just want to spend some time having fun come with Us to TCG tourney lobby on 27th of this month !

    Every player is invited by leaders crew of <EEC> it means: Me, Alix Azurcloud, John Velenzuela, Elite Kingmax, Icy Stoneheart and Lil Zigzagger. If U need any personal infos ingame feel free to whisper me: Johnny Lizardgate or John Velenzuela.

    check all the infos BELOW -->

    some boring rules
    Here are some rule clarifications that didn't fit on the flyer.

    Addition Rules:
    1. All rules of TCG and Free Realms will be followed and observed.
    2. Loss of connection, internet service or acts of nature will not be grounds for moving a place up or down on the score board. This rule applies to all games including tie breaker games.
    3. The tournament is open to all players of Free Realms except the prizes; Elite Cardie Crew (ECC) Leaders will be excluded from winning a prize but may participate to help reach the participation goal.
    4. Bonus Prize to over all winner of tournament is contingent on the number of participants.
    5. The participation goal will be taken at the end of the tournament by the ECC by looking at the total number of players on the score board.
    6. In the event of a tie for a winning placing i.e. two people in first; a tie breaker game will be played in casual observed by at least two members of ECC Leaders. Refer to rule 2 for disconnects.
    7. The ECC reserves the right to alter, change or cancel any and all promotions.
    8. All legal decks are permitted, if the game allows it, it can be used. The ECC can not do anything if a person has a glitch in their deck and it allows them to win.
    9. Should a situation arise that is not covered in the rules a judgement decision will be made by a majority vote of at least 3 ECC leaders. All decisions made by the ECC leaders are final.
    10. Have fun and enjoy the tournament brought to you by Elite Cardie Crew.
    11. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the tournament by the designated ECC banker. Should you not be able to claim your prize at the end of the tournament for any reason, the banker will hold your prize for 35 calender days.
    12. Since the game does not allow ties any more the place you end up in at the final will be your final standing.

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    Default Re: <Elite Cardie Crew> is hosting next TCG Tourney :D

    Next Saturday, awesome I might come

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