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    Default Awesome Contest

    This title is a MIS-leading title!!


    Anyone who wants to sell their's for like 20k-30k..
    i'll also add in some other Jonin colors

    If 20k-30k + Jonin stuff doesn't suit you..
    then just add me- ign- Sharks Rush
    or leave a reply on this forum for how much u want for it

    Then i'll work for the money

    I'm not going any higher than 60k

    So pick a price

    60k (60,000) or lower for your WHITE JONIN COWL!!!!!!!!!

    I play S4 League for life!!

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    Default Re: Awesome Contest

    I don't think you're allowed to do that.... o.O

    Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

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    Default Re: Awesome Contest

    you need to post this in the free market and change the title

    "Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches.
    It's thirst cannot be quenched. Untill the last man standing has fallen." --Vladimir Makarov ( <- link. click to find out who he is.)

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