Hello everyone! Frog girl here!
First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in my contest. Every single one of you had a great creative story! It was very hard to choose my final two, even my final four, but eventually I got down to these great two stories. I choose the stories I thought were the most creative, presented the most effort, and overall, contained lots of froggy amazingness =). Below, I also included the real story of how I decided to buy my frog mask, just in case you are curious .

Without farther ado... the runner up, and the winner of 30k is...

Rovalin, from the Official Forums!
You can read this amazing story right here: http://forums.station.sony.com/freer...topic_id=33969

And now.. drumroll please...
The winner of the grand prize, 100k and a robgoblin cook mask, is...

Miss Morose (Heather Mistblade) From FRI! SUPER CONGRATZ!!! =D
You definately want to check out her story here!: http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...og-mask-50530/
Winners, you may contact me to claim your prizes!

Thank You SO MUCH to everyone for entering! I loved all your stories! =D

And without farther ado... the real tale of how I decided to buy my frog mask!
Years ago, maybe a year or two before I first joined Free Realms, I joined another MMO that a bunch of you might now called Runescape. I quite liked that game back in the day, and still enjoy it sometimes now. Anyways, I was just walking around the Runescape world, when a Random Event happened! A frog popped up and teleported me to the frog world! (If you don't know what Random Events are, they are random NPCs that pop up in Runescape and ask you to do stuff. In the end, you get a cool reward.) Anyways, I quickly finished the quest there, which was to save the prince by kissing him and turning him from a frog into a human. I won the reward, which just happened to be... my very own green frog mask! In Runescape!
A year or two pass. I joined Free Realms on 5/1/09, and joined Insiders on 5/21/09. I entered a contest to win a $10 SC card. And guess what?... I won! This was my first time winning a SC card, and I was beyond thrilled. I quickly redeemed it, and spent nearly all my SC on the first day. I spent a long time looking through the items in the store until I settled on my first item... a green frog mask! I loved Runescape, and I had a frog mask there (I wear it all the time!), so I figured I would buy one here, because I loved wearing mine in Runescape! 350 SC seemed like a bargain for it. I bought it that day, along with a pet dog (named Mustard), a ninja sword (The Flowing Emerald Blade), an ice cream cone, and various other things I cannot remember.
I have worn my frog mask almost everyday since then, only taking it off on rare occasions. Random fact- did you know the hairstyle I wear under it is a... bob? I have never changed it, when I started I had recently cut my hair super short, and even though it's longer now, I just keep it that way.
And so now I have had three years with all of you and my wonderful mask... WOOT! =D