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Title: The Thread of Drawings 2.0

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    Default The Thread of Drawings 2.0

    Since the last thread was popular yet got closed, I decided to open another Thread of Drawings.
    You must simply post a drawing you have drawn for others to view.
    Whereas this thread is mainly for drawings, I would love to see some art in general. Stories and poems will not fit into that category however.


    1. Don't take credit for what someone else has drawn. Don't join the art thieves.
    2. Make sure your drawing is appropriate and follows all the FRI rules.
    3. Try to avoid having your real life signature in a picture...This is rule-breaking.
    4. Don't be mean to someone if they aren't the best artist. Instead, you could tell them how to improve/give them some constructive criticism.
    5. Don't feel overshadowed by others if they're a better artist than you! You'll get better if you put some practice in.



    If you don't want your picture to be displayed here just ask and I'll refrain from putting it here.


    So I decided
    on this new feature!
    Here I'll display what are in my opinion the best works of art. If your pic isn't put here, then just keep trying!


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    Default Re: The Thread of Drawings 2.0

    Oh yay c: I was going to draw something in a little bit. I want to see other people's art, so thanks for making this thread again >w<!

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    Default Re: The Thread of Drawings 2.0

    Maybe I'll draw something.

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    Default Re: The Thread of Drawings 2.0

    I made this for 4th of July. It's suppose to parody the Uncle Sam posters to a certain extent. I guess my style is intentionally sucky yet simple.

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