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    Icon5 A Question Plz Answer ._.

    So i was looking at the wacom bamboo tablet my mom said if i would get straight A's since ive never gotten them (of course i never will .-.) so i was lookin at it now i really really want it -.- and im mad cuz she made me look at it and i hate looking at things i will never be able to get its like 400$ yeah no. ill probably get it when im like 80 o_O. Anyway i like editing photos ._. but i have like no idea what editing sites or photoshop sits there are any suggestions???
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    Default Re: A Question Plz Answer ._.

    I got a tablet for only about $50. It's older, but it works just as well. I forgot what it was called though. And if you want something to edit pictures with, then I would download Gimp. It's free.

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    Default Re: A Question Plz Answer ._.

    I use VideoMagic123 to edit my pictures to get rid of the background (aka chroma keying.)
    To edit the picture with text and other effects, i use

    I also have Gimp, its a good editor, but it confused me when I first used it XD.
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