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    Default Re: Pixiewood Sign (Not that close to the real look though)

    It looks pretty much like pixie wood. I've been up there, and that's kinda what it's like. The drawing is pretty basic, but it's good. As pointed out, the anatomy is a bit rough, but you can always study pictures and things to improve. Also, using up the whole page with more defined and shaded idea's will make your picture better. With improvement, it was look mind-blowing. Not that it's not now, it's good: but there's always room for improvement.^^

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    Default Re: Pixiewood Sign (Not that close to the real look though)

    Hmm, yes, I like it! Now, don't get offended, please no! But I believe you can improve on this A LOT, hands down. I've been drawing, singing, acting,and l that jazz ever since I was born, and I'd LOVE to help you out on certain details. Such as the hands. Key to humans is, the fingers are as long as the hand. Just look at yours! Hands are tricky indeed, unless you draw them TO THE SIDE! Ha, little hand, TAKE THAT!!! Now, a quick cheat on those lips. go ahead and draw a normal set of lips, just closed in a light smile. Now on the top, draw an extra lip, and voila! Instant perfetto smile, eh? eh? No? Oh, okay, I'm just bored and felt like making a fool of myself T_T

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