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    Default Ninja's 'Art'~

    Yes, I will bash my stuff. If I may, I will say I am I preteen person so I am not good. At all.

    All this is anime. That's all I draw. Anime and I sketch dragons. That is how bad I am.
    Anyways, heres my first, 'thing':

    That's eveything...

    Well, I hope you like it...-Walks off shameful-

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    Default Re: Ninja's 'Art'~

    very impressive ninja! you aren't terrible your awesome

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    Default Re: Ninja's 'Art'~

    These are very nice! But I would edit these drawings to block out your name so that stalkers won't, well, you know, stalk you. =)
    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

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    Default Re: Ninja's 'Art'~

    Stop being so hard on yourself! Just drawing anime and dragons doesn't mean you are bad. Your stuff is great! That being said, there is always room for improvement; mostly in the anatomy area. Just keep practicing and don't put yourself down so much. You are your own worst critic.

    If you want to improve, try looking up tutorials on things you don't know how to draw. Even tracing pictures helps a bunch. Try drawing things you wouldn't normally draw (e.g. If you don't normally draw hands or feet, draw more hands and feet). The only way you get better is through practice.

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    Default Re: Ninja's 'Art'~

    Very nice; I like it! c:

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