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    Icon11 Meh Pics i drew :) Please come look! :D

    Heyo ^-^ i really <3 drawing done it since i was 2 years old o.o... so i decided to share some of my drawings ! I usually draw about 3 pics a week ill keep posting, plz tell me if im improving, what i should fix, or what will help me to be better! thnx !! im so excited xD!

    Finished work:
    Attachment 38020 You may reconize this pic, its in the very back of the Maximum Ride series book, its a super good series! i saw this pic in the back im like whoa i should try that so i did and thats how it came out ^-^!

    Attachment 38021 This lil guy here is Bob xD well just got super bored in class one day !

    Attachment 38025was trying out new pastel pencils

    Attachment 38032I drew this girl like i think a year ago i dont really like it that much anymore lol i have improved much more! OMG I FORGOT HER OTHER ARM O_O LOL!

    Pastel Artwork:
    Attachment 38022This sunset i made is one of the very first pics i made with my pastels, I really love them very pretty !

    Attachment 38023Same thing for this apple ^-^
    Attachment 38027just a heads up I DO NOT LOIKE ELMO! Cookie monster awesome i might draw him soon XD this was for a friend she requested it ._.

    In progress work:
    Attachment 38024i really just basically made this in 30min. yesterday got bored ^-^ i will color her soon!

    Attachment 38026idk if imma finish this one maybe i will...idk

    Attachment 38028 just some girl i drew the outline in 5min at lunch today o.o

    My fail anime xD:
    Attachment 38029 There it is o.o i cannot draw anime folks lol

    Attachment 38034okay. NOW THIS IS SUCH A FAIL ROFL. xD that one was really quite bad.

    Well, hopefully you enjoyed my drawings plz post what you think! (im pretty young so yeah) o.o but plz tell me if you dont like anything or if i need improvement, or some tips to help me! Thnx guys! XP
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    Narwhales. Bai.

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