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Title: Lookie.

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    Default Lookie.

    See what happens when I spend two days on a picture? Amazing things happen, yes sir. Len Kagamine.jpg

    Code: Breaker is awesome.
    The stupid gif isn't working.
    I know it's small.

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    Default Re: Lookie.

    Omg. What is this perfection? ;A; THIS IS PERFS DARLING.

    //hugs you and doesn't let go//

    Let me love you and your art. This is amazings. ;A;

    Sayonara Free Realms.
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    Default Re: Lookie.

    Awww, this is great!

    "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."


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    Default Re: Lookie.

    Awwwww cute. Ooh look a butterfly...
    Eren, the reason you couldn't save your mother is that you were weak. The reason why I didnt fight the titan was that I was afraid. ~Hannes[/CENTER]

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