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    Icon4 Huge Party! At my 7 storie castle! ^.^ Plz plz come check it out!

    Ello, i am planning a big party for my newly completed castle. Its 7 stories high (counting the very top) with around roughly 6000 items XD its so amazing! there is alot of awesome items and majigs, also everyone who donated some of their ideas into it, their names are on the top ! So lets get to the invitation!
    This invitation is to everyone who wants to come! you may either add me, Dawn73, or it will be in the housing directory in about 3 days or so.
    Day: Saturday the 21st, 1/21/12
    Time: 2pm-5:30pm (pacific time), 5pm-8:30 (atlantic time)
    Where: My wugachug lot, Fantastic Fortress
    I would love to have everyone come!!! I wish to have at least 1000 visitors it seriously is the most amazing thing i have built. So hope to see you soon! post if ya wanna come and stuff
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    Narwhales. Bai.

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