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    Default Re: February Drawings

    Quote Originally Posted by Àubrëy View Post
    I did play fantage.. lonnnnnggg time ago. Im one of the girls with the highest levels on Fantage btwC: Im in llike, the ttop 3... but not no more Dx
    I remember the ghost shirt and black and pink striped dress from fantage. The only event i remember is Thanksgiving(2009) Halloween(2011) and the starting ofschool(2011) from fantage O:
    Those are grrreeeeat drawings too. I like themC:
    Thank you ! Im just hearing about fantage, I was browsing youtube and saw the contests so I decided to join, I dont see advertisements about it and I didnt know much ppl who played it so I never knew about it. Looks cute and also like a kid version of Gaia Online to me

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    Default Re: February Drawings

    great drawings! :3 and i use to play that game all the time, its a cute game xD
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