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    Default Doodle Paige & Killer 'Shroom

    I did some doodles of my pixie, Paige, on Paint.NET. They came out okay. I could have done better, but, not too bad, I guess.

    This one is the best:

    Then I was so bored I had to do this one: (Hair went dodgy.)

    And I have to show you the Killer Mushroom I did a while back, due to my Phobia of Mushrooms: (Mycophobia.)

    Whutcha think?

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    Default Re: Doodle Paige & Killer 'Shroom

    You are getting better, but I can tell that you are drawing the pictures without pre-sketching.

    I recommend downloading Paint Tool SAI, then do the following:

    1. Research face and body shape tutorials on YouTube or somewhere else.
    2. Start with a sketch layer to make the outlines first
    3. Thicken lines and remove guide lines on a second layer.
    4. Add color on third layer
    5. Add final details on fourth layer.
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    Default Re: Doodle Paige & Killer 'Shroom

    This is pretty good. I agree that you should download Paint Tool SAI. It's the best program out there.

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