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Title: ps3 meetup

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    Default ps3 meetup

    helo people me brett1 (now to be known dancetrooper5647)

    i just got a ps3 one hour ago at least and i will be getting little big planet 2 but my freerealms is installing updates and its about half way and froze (hopefully it will go all the way soon) but i was wandering if anyone wanted to meet at the middle of the sanctuary with me??? i will be on soon and my name will be dancetrooper5647
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    Default Re: ps3 meetup

    I tried to create one but it says for every name i pick to matter what, srry this name is taken.
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    Default Re: ps3 meetup

    Well if ya'll get on and wanna chill just hit me up my IGN is Sin im usually on but if i dont respond ill get to ya eventually

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