A maintenance notice has been posted.

Welcome to Free Realms and welcome to the Free Realms forums.
We intend the forums to be a family-friendly place for our Members to ask questions, get answers and socialize. Members of the Free Realms team as well as our Support Teams will also be posting to the forums.
The forums may be viewed by players with free accounts and members who meet the requirements listed on our Parent's Guide page. Only Members in good standing who meet the age requirements may post.
Please be aware that inappropriate langage or conduct isn't permitted. Before you start to post, you should read the Forum Conduct Guidelines. We've read them and we take them seriously and will expect all of our forum users to know them and post properly.
Here are the basic rules for posting on the forums:
The Forum Pledge!
1. I will be respectful and polite to everyone
Free Realms is designed to be a bully-free zone where personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. Belittling, trolling, insulting or swearing at anyone else is not allowed. If you disagree with someone, please do so politely.
2. I will use clean language
Using racial or ***ual comments, foul or offensive language, even if filtered or purposefully misspelled, is never allowed.
3. I will keep personal information private
Never reveal your own (or someone else's) Station name, real name, email address, phone numbers, address or any other personal information to anyone.
Posting the private communications of another person is never allowed without that person's permission. This includes private chat logs, emails, private messages, email addresses, phone messages or images.
4. I will only discuss appropriate topics
It is never OK to reference drug or alcohol use, illegal activities or threats of violence on theFree Realms forums.
5. I will be constructiveThe forums are a place to share ideas. Try to help improve a post or thread by adding to it or by explaining why you disagree. Simply saying you don't like an idea is not constructive.
Enjoy the forums!

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