A maintenance notice has been posted.

Welcome Back!

Restoration of SOE's game services will begin today. This phased restoration will include the return of nearly all of our portfolio of online games, the reinstatement of our game forums and websites, and added functionality to require players to reset their passwords.

SOE will also be offering its customers a "Welcome Back" program that includes special game content and services to all registered Station Account holders. As part of this program, players will receive 30 days of additional game time plus one day for each day SOE's services were down. The full details of our Welcome Back program are available at www.soe.com/securityupdate/welcomeback/.

We have also announced our complimentary Debix "AllClear ID PLUS" identity theft protection program in the United States. For more details, click here: http://www.soe.com/securityupd ate/debix.vm

For more information about the SOE network intrusion and restoration, please visit www.soe.com/securityupdate.

We thank everyone for your patience while we worked to bring our games and services back online. See you in game!

If you'd like to join the Welcome Back discussion, please be sure to keep all of your comments to the Official Thread so we can follow your feedback. Thanks!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to Free Realms®! Guess what? We have a few gifts waiting for you!

All Members with a Station Account in good standing on or before May 2, 2011 get extra game time! An extra 45 days as a Member has been added to your account. Lifetime members (who are therefore not on a billing cycle) can claim 20,000 Coin instead of game time.

But that's not all! We have a collection of seven free items for all players! One will be given out upon login each day for seven days. As long as you log in before the last day, you'll be able to collect them all!

Here's a sneak peek of the items:

Day 1 - Sandy Beach Lot

Day 2 - Oasis

Day 3 - Basic Swimming Pool

Day 4 - New School Dragon Blade

Day 5 - Jackpot Plant

Day 6 - Large Launch Pad

Day 7 - Pirate Ship

Lifetime Members get even more gifts! In addition to the gifts listed above, they can also claim a Lonely Island Lot!

We'd like to thank you for your patience while we got everything ready for your return. It's great to have you back because you rule!

See you in Free Realms!

For more information, visit our Welcome Back page.

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