A maintenance notice has been posted.

Goal Time is here! Head to the Soccer field in Snowhill to try out the new quests

Highlights of today's update are listed below...


Check out the Marketplace or Merchants in Sanctuary & Seaside to purchase Style Cards! Use them to change up your eye color, hair color, hair style, face paint & wing patterns!


Free Realms introduces Soccer! Start a game with friends or compete against one of the teams waiting to play you at the Soccer field in Snowhill!

Try Player Inspect on players near you – click on someone to see their jobs & levels and what they’re wearing!

Now, when you move towards a quest giver, a merchant, combat gates, collections and more you’ll notice a pop-up asking if you’d like to check it out!

The skies have cleared! Meatballs, fruits and vegetables will no longer fall from the sky. If you have already earned a Spaghetti with Meatballs recipe, you may purchase ingredients from Helga Humbleloaf or the “FFA Reps” for a limited time only.

Many “no sale” items that were earned from quests can now be sold.


Pet trainers will now receive a coin reward whenever they score “Good” or “Awesome” on all pet tricks

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