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    Icon11 Update Notes for May 29th, 2010(0)

    A maintenance notice has been posted.

    What's new? Read the update notes posted below to find out!

    Highroad Junction Playground - Someone has brought blocks and launchpads to Highroad Junction and built a playground behind the Pet Adoption Center. Can you jump from block to clock without falling?

    Hoverboards – Two new Hoverboard variants have been added. Each new paint job comes in multiple colors.

    Treeble Pets – They are cute, they fly and now you can have one as a pet!

    New School Archery Gear - The New School line of equipment now includes two new Archer hoodies and two new bows.

    Jackpot Plants -

    Need some extra coin? Then pick up a shiny new Jackpot Plant! If you water them daily, they will grow gold coins that you can harvest the next day! It has three levels of growth, each one giving out more coin than before. 500 Coins per day from the small, 700 for medium and 1000 coins for a fully grown Jackpot Plant!

    But what good is a Jackpot Plant if you can't share it? Your friends can help water your plants to earn coins and add to your harvest as well! Each plant can be watered by a friend each 15 minutes. A player can water up to 25 plants belonging to friends in a 24 hour period. When a friend waters your Jackpot Plant they will get 50 coins!

    Once you place a Jackpot Plant in your house, it cannot be returned to your inventory. You can harvest the plants once a day (as long as it has been watered the day before) for up to 30 days. After that, it will transform into (and show up in your inventory) as a Golden Jackpotted Plant that can be placed as a housing decoration.

    If you want to get a Jackpot Plant, you can speak to one of the Gold Farmers located around the world, or head right into the Station Cash Marketplace.

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    Default Re: Update Notes for May 29th, 2010(0)

    Yay, Playgrounds! Also, this completely changes my thinking for the trees! If it transforms into a house decoration, I will get it!
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    Default Re: Update Notes for May 29th, 2010(0)

    Cool! Can't wait for it to finish! I even got bored.

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    Default Re: Update Notes for May 29th, 2010(0)

    If the trees are in the coin shop then i will get one or fifty
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    Default Re: Update Notes for May 29th, 2010(0)

    300 SC with no discount for a tree, Benji.

    FRA double posted. :0
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