A maintenance notice has been posted.

Here are the highlights of last night's update...


Snowhill and Briarwood themed vacant lots are now available. These lots are empty so you can make bigger and better creations without a house getting in the way.


A new Stallion color variant has been added. Look for the ‘Black-Nosed” stallion in the Rides section of the Marketplace.


'New School’ Warrior weapons and wearables are now available. These items have stats that become more powerful as you level up with your character. Look for the New School Twin Crescent Axe, New School Exploding Axe, New School Skeletal Warrior Tunic and New School Draconic Warrior Pauldrons in the Marketplace.

The last of the 1st birthday items and decorations have been removed.

Briarwood Lot

Snowhill Lot

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