A maintenance notice has been posted.

We have completed our latest update and the servers are now open for everyone to play. What’s new, you ask? Look below!


The Cursed Booty Cake will fire its guns and turn anyone who takes a bite into a pirate skeleton for ten minutes!

A giant pirate ship and the Skeleton-A-Go-Go are new Pirate-themed decorations for your house!


A White Tiger named Cloud has been added to the Tiger category.

Hippos are new and available in six colors.


Members can now purchase Nightmare, a horse with fire for a mane.

Coin Shop

New pirate housing decorations have been added to the Coin Shop

Birdie Bookcase

Polly the Pirate Painting

Pirate Chair, Pirate Couch and Pirate Table.

There are new Member’s Only Pet Pals to follow you around. Look for the Crab and Parrot on sale now!

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