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    Icon11 Update Notes for January 26th, 2010(0)

    A maintenance notice has been posted.

    Here are the highlights from last night's update.


    New pets have arrived on the Marketplace! Catch Zilla for a limited time, or adopt the new duckbill dinosaur, Crackers. Meanwhile, Cinnamon, Skip, Jaina, and Icco have been spotted sporting new colors.

    New Housing items have been added to the Marketplace, look for blocks in new shapes and colors! What new, crazy things will you build out of them?


    Snow Days is over until next year. We hope you got all of your tacky sweaters.

    New options allow you to disable friend, trade, guild, group and other group requests from players.

    Treasure tickets are no longer being given out as rewards. Redeem your remaining tickets by speaking to Gulsh out front of the Royal Vaults in Sanctuary, or sell them for coin in the Coin Shop.

    New events have been posted on the Activity Calendar!

    You can now change the quantity of the items you sell.

    Atlas optimizations were made; clicking on a zone will no longer zoom you into a smaller view of that zone on the atlas.

    You can change the option to have F10 make your UI disappear – check Game Options -> Game Play to make adjustments.

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    Default Re: Update Notes for January 26th, 2010(0)

    Kinda sad that the atlas no longer zooms to areas anymore when you clicked them. That was rather helpful at time.
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    Default Re: Update Notes for January 26th, 2010(0)

    Ah, I can't help but agree, Nymo. There should have been a magnifying glass icon that allows you to zoom in on them.
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