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    Icon11 Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    A maintenance notice has been posted.

    Today is the day of our HUGE December update. There's lots of great new stuff to see and do inFree Realms. Here are the details on what we're adding to the game!


    • Free Realms Snow Days are here!
    • Now you can own and decorate your own house!
    • Major changes were made to Combat!
    • Check out the new Fishing mini-game!
    • There are new pets on the Marketplace!
    • Launch yourself into the sky with Launch Pads!
    • Join your friends at Private Parties in Pixiewood, Lakeshore & Nettleseed or check the Activity Calendar for upcoming dress-up Parties and Events!
    • Use the Game Guide to get to mini-games, battles, Card Duels and more with one click!


    • Items can now be purchased in a variety of colors from both the Marketplace and Coin Store.
    • There are a slew of new and exotic pets on the Marketplace: Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasus, Dinosaurs, and more!
    • Check out the Marketplace for new Snow Days clothes and items!
    • To start the new TCG quests, purchase the Shattered Past quest packs and talk to Sir Wellington in Briarwood, outside of Vale of Ancients.
    • Most job specific stat items (wearables, wieldables, shards, accessories, etc) have been removed from the Marketplace.

    Snow Days

    • Snowhill has been decorated with winter cheer and there are new activities and quests to try.
    • Talk to Candi Ivy near the Gifting Tree in Snowhill to help protect the presents from a wicked gang of Robgoblins!
    • Throw snowballs at your friends in Snowhill – pick one up from a pile in Snowhill!
    • Play team vs team in Snowball Fights – talk to Calvin Coldcastle to start a game!
    • The Snow Days Daily Prize Wheel has been added – spin the wheel every day for your chance at cool prizes!
    • There are tons of new holiday items on the Marketplace including outfits, decorations for your house and special Reindeer pets that are available for a limited time only


    • Members get a free house as well as awesome bonus furniture and decorations (like balloons, a dresser and chairs & a table)!
    • You can buy additional houses from the Marketplace! Preview a House to walk through a fully furnished House and yard!
    • Call out all your pets at once and decorate your new place to show off your style with furniture from the SC Marketplace or the Coin Store.
    • Free players get a free apartment and can invite a guest over! Members can have A LOT more friends visit – how many people can you fit into your place?
    • Housing items have been added to The Daily Prize Wheel; give it a whirl to see what you’ll win!


    • Combat has undergone some massive improvements!
    • Every combat job, item and combat encounter have been upgraded to make your combat experience faster paced and more exciting.
    • Lots of enemies and enemy spawners have been added to all battles as well as Combat powerups!
    • Start a battle from the Game Guide to try out powerful new attacks!
    • The Brawler has received a make-over; switch to this job to see the changes!
    • Battles and Minigames now have a difficulty rating of 1-5.
    • Preview available prizes before you start an encounter then spin the wheel for sweet loot after you win! Star, coin and treasure ticket rewards have been updated for all combat encounters.
    • Mini-games with the hardest difficulty contain super sweet new gear, like job-specific uber outfits.
    • Weapons and items have been updated for the new combat system and have clearly labeled stats. Some existing weapons may have altered functionality with awesome new effects and abilities.
    • Show off your combat animations even if you are not in a battle; combat skills are now based on the weapon you are wielding. All weapons will have combat abilities added to them.


    • Go Fish in Free Realms! You can use the Game Guide to start a game or travel to Lakeshore, Snowhill, Merry Vale, Seaside or Sanctuary to reel ‘em in!

    Daily Wheel

    • There’s now a larger variety of common items on the wheel. No more dress shoes – bummer!
    • The Treasure Ticket section has been replaced with a Housing section.
    • The Kart section has been changed to Sporting Goods with Kart, Fishing, and Soccer items available in your daily spin!


    • All jobs now give out a similar amount of coin related to the time invested in any given activity.
    • In combat, only elite mobs and chests reward coins, and all other rewards come from the Loot Wheel.
    • All items experienced a significant overhaul on cost value.
    • Tradeskill job rewards have been buffed up.
    • Harvesting games now reward coin, so players should be able to earn coin toward their secondary components while harvesting their primary components.
    • Most non-job mini-games give out coins and tickets, or have a freestyle Loot Wheel with varying rewards.


    • Spend your coins at the Coin Store! Access the Coin Store from merchants or from the Game Dock!
    • Buy and sell items & characters with Live Gamer! You must be 18 or older in the U.S. Available in English. Not all game items qualify.
    • Launch Pads can be found in Lakeshore, Snowhill, Merry Vale, Seaside and Sanctuary – check the Game Guide, too!
    • The Pet Trainer job has been removed. Get a pet from the Marketplace and teach them tricks!
    • Parties are popping up all over the place; dress up in your Luau gear or bring you pets along to join in the fun! Members can teleport to Private Parties by speaking to Party Planners near the Sanctuary Warpstone, the Bristlewood Warpstone & on the bridge from Lakeshore to the Zoo. Join the party and try a slice of cake that gives you a magical illusion!
    • New clothing styles have been added for girls at Character Creation! Start a new character to get the latest outfits!
    • Special run animations have been added for each job.
    • The Royal Vault now includes job specific chests giving players more control over the rewards they receive. There is also a freestyle chest!
    • Teleporting to a friend will now work across servers (NOTE: Groups do not persist when you change servers).
    • Pre-scripted chat can be accessed by typing in the chat box and selecting the pop-up chat options. These are translated for all supported languages.
    • Some buttons (such as chat options) have been removed. Open the Options menu to change those settings.


    • Removed stacking limits on many items. This resolves an issue where chests from the Royal Vault and dug up by pets would be empty.
    • NPC Wootmoot has returned to Wugachug.

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    Hurray for more things to do (and games to play) on FR.

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    AHHHH, I'm so freaking excited!!!!

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    Quote Originally Posted by Free Realms Announcement View Post
    No more dress shoes – bummer!
    Did everyone notice it? I did. *jumps around joyfully*

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    Sorry, I didn't see this earlier and posted another thread about it! *oops*

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jillian Rosehill View Post
    Sorry, I didn't see this earlier and posted another thread about it! *oops*
    No problem. It's a cool update and has everyone excited over it!

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvester View Post
    Did everyone notice it? I did. *jumps around joyfully*
    Yeah... I'm depressed now. I was building a personal collection! And what of the players that were "lucky" enough to have never gotten Dress Shoes in the first place? They could've just made them very hard to get now, or decrease the likeliness according to your stock. And what happened to Ice Cream Cones?
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: Snow Days Update Notes for December 14th, 2009(0)

    I have to say that a lot of the update is cool but some is a very disappointment to me. Like the combat jobs, yes the new weapons are cool and all, but now when you go into play you get them all at once instead of doing one at a time and so you get knocked out like lots, so the only way to make it threw the really hard ones is to play with other players but unlike me I'm a more of a solo kind of person. Then The other update I'm upset about is the boss don't drop the combat clothes no more, I was working on getting them all, Now I'm only half way again very sad. And what happen to the combat quest? That was so fun having to do quest to get to lvl 20, now all we have to do is play and fight to lvl up, BORING. So very sad might not play anymore and that's hard because I played like everyday all day long and put money in to this game.

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