A maintenance notice has been posted.

Reminder: The Membership Bonanza is still going on. Upgrade while there's still time!

It's a great time to become a Member in Free RealmĀ®! If you aren't already a Member in Free Realms, now's the time to check it out! Not only will you get access to all the best content, but you'll also get a little bonus Station CashTM in your pocket! What a deal! But hurry this offer won't last for long!

If you Become a Member, you'll get bonus Station Cash* based on the membership term you upgrade to:

  • Buy a 1 Month Membership to get 100 Station Cash
  • Buy a 3 Month Membership to get 250 Station Cash
  • Buy a 6 Month Membership to get 600 Station Cash
  • Buy a 12 Month Membership to get 800 Station Cash
  • Buy a Lifetime Membership to get 1000 Station Cash
*For a Limited Time Only.

Upgrade today to earn the bonus Station Cash!

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