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    Icon11 Maintenance for June 30th, 2010(0)

    A maintenance notice has been posted.

    Greetings, Free Realms Fans!

    We will be bringing the servers offline this evening for an update after 11pm PDT. The game will be unavailable for 3-6 hours as we test the new stuff.

    What will be in this update?

    Coin Shop:

    Robgoblin House Decorations - Clotheslines and Wagons

    Summer Sparklers and Star Shot Candles

    Short Range Elevator Platforms - These housing decoration platforms move up and down. Jump on them and go for a ride!


    Fireworks Cart

    Robgoblin Wagon

    Summer Sparklers

    Uncle Sam Outfit

    Surfboard-style hoverboard in seven colors

    Long Range Elevator Platform - Continuously moves vertically to about the height of a Large Wilds House then back to its original position

    Tiger Mounts - Ride your very own tiger. Available in seven colors.

    Checkpoints - Place these markers in your house. The checkpoint gates automatically connect to each other. Start at the first gate, pass each of them in order and at the end your time will be whispered to you.

    This update also includes some behind the scenes code for our upcoming double SC / Free Trial Membership weekend as well as bug fixes.

    [ Original Announcement on SOE Forum ]

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    Default Re: Maintenance for June 30th, 2010(0)

    Each weekend the SOE brings joy to FreeRealms at times you may think that the weekly maintence is boaring... But afterwords... You have somthing new in addition to FreeRealms!

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    Default Re: Maintenance for June 30th, 2010(0)

    I am getting my surfboard tomorrow!

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    Default Re: Maintenance for June 30th, 2010(0)

    cant wait till later to redeem my codes and buy the new stufff!!

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