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    Icon11 Free Realms Trading Card Game - NEW Virtual Rewards!(0)

    A maintenance notice has been posted.

    The new expansion for the Free Realms Trading Card Game is almost here. In fact, it's LAUNCHING TOMORROW, November 17th, 2011! If you've been following the card previews, you've gotten to see some of the really cool cards coming with this expansion, but you haven't gotten to see any of the Virtual Rewards yet. Well, the wait is over. Today we're previewing just a few of the virtual rewards coming in Baron von Darkcheat!

    Zamboni Ride (Virtual Reward)

    The evil Baron von Darkcheat has taken the shards of the gloamstone to Snowhill. You, the ever-adventuring Cardies, have to follow him. Of course, we recommend you do so in style with the new Zamboni Ride. Glide over the deepest snow and have no fear of falling on the ice. You'll love taking this from a ride around town!

    Clockwork Beetle Pet (Virtual Reward)

    This adorable Clockwork Beetle Pet is fresh in from Sunstone Valley where the evil Baron von Darkcheat hails. It probably followed him to Snowhill and got lost. Now it's up to you to give him (or her!) a happy home.

    Shuffle S****** (Virtual Reward)

    Let's face it, Baron von Darkcheat is not a nice person. He steals, he lies, and he cheats at every opportunity. His name is von Darkcheat, after all! It should be no surprise then that he also has a really wicked gun. What is a surprise is that you can have it, too. Don't miss your chance to snatch up one of these!

    Baron von Darkcheat Costume (Virtual Reward)

    Style. Some people have it and some people don't. Baron von Darkcheat, as evil as he is, has style. With wealth comes great clothing! If you play your cards right, you can look great and have style, too - with your own Baron von Darkcheat Costume!

    And there's soooo much more! Remember, Baron von Darkcheat launches tomorrow! Come join in on the fun!

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    Default Re: Free Realms Trading Card Game - NEW Virtual Rewards!(0)

    Nice!!Cant wait for it!
    William Ionsea
    Server?All! <The Legendary Gleam Council> Maxed jobs:All!

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    Default Re: Free Realms Trading Card Game - NEW Virtual Rewards!(0)

    YES YES A GUN!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Free Realms Trading Card Game - NEW Virtual Rewards!(0)

    I have to be the first one to get that suit o-o

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