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The Free Realms Trading Card Game has a whole new set of adventures!

The thrilling new expansion set, Baron von Darkcheat, has arrived! Someone has taken the stolen shards of the gloamstone and threatens all of Snowhill! Who is Baron von Darkcheat? Is he responsible? Collect all 146 new cards and new loot, hone your skills, learn new strategies, and challenge the Cardies as they try to solve the mystery. Then when you're ready, assemble the clues, find the gloamstone, and defeat its master. Adventure awaits!

For our final preview, we're looking at a card from the Machine sphere.

Broadside Blast (Machine)

When the pirates invaded the Free Realms TCG, of course they brought their ships along! This trick card gives you a blast of card drawing when your Stacker creature is battling. It's well worth your deckbuilding time and effort to get the new Stacker mechanic rolling!

We hope you've enjoyed the previews from Baron von Darkcheat and you're ready to get in the game!

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