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The Free Realms Trading Card Game has a whole new set of adventures!

The thrilling new expansion set, Baron von Darkcheat, is almost here! Someone has taken the stolen shards of the gloamstone and threatens all of Snowhill! Who is Baron von Darkcheat? Is he responsible? Collect all 146 new cards and new loot, hone your skills, learn new strategies, and challenge the Cardies as they try to solve the mystery. Then when you're ready, assemble the clues, find the gloamstone, and defeat it's master. Adventure awaits!

Check back here every day until release for card previews, loot teasers, news, and more! Today we're looking at a card from the Order sphere.

Snowhill Defender (Order)

Arguably, the best card effects in Free Realms TCG are the ones that score cards. Coming in a close second are effects that destroy opponent's creatures. Snowhill Defender is a "next to" card that gets your opponent's blockers out of the way, so you can start hunting like crazy.

Remember to check back tomorrow for more previews from Baron von Darkcheat.

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