A maintenance notice has been posted.

Forum Conduct Guidelines
The official Free Realms forums are bound by the Terms of Service.
Free Realmsand the forums associated with this game are intended to be family-friendly. We expect every member of the Free Realms community to be respectful to others and to follow the rules. Individuals who do not follow these rules may lose posting privileges without warning.
There are several of guidelines for posting on the forums listed below, but the Forum Pledge is really important!

The Forum Pledge!
1. I will be respectful and polite to everyone
Free Realms is designed to be a bully-free zone where personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. Belittling, trolling, insulting or swearing at anyone else is not allowed. If you disagree with someone, please do so politely.
2. I will use clean language
Using racial or ***ual comments, foul or offensive language, even if filtered or purposefully misspelled, is never allowed.
3. I will keep personal information private
Never reveal your own (or someone else's) Station name, real name, email address, phone numbers, address or any other personal information to anyone.
Posting the private communications of another person is never allowed without that person's permission. This includes private chat logs, emails, private messages, email addresses, phone messages or images.
4. I will only discuss appropriate topics
It is never OK to reference drug or alcohol use, illegal activities or threats of violence on theFree Realms forums.
5. I will be constructiveThe forums are a place to share ideas. Try to help improve a post or thread by adding to it or by explaining why you disagree. Simply saying you don't like an idea is not constructive.

Contacting the Community Team or Designers
Members of the Community team, Design Team and other SOE staff members will be posting to the forums. It is common for people to try to get our attention. There are certain types of posts and private messages that we won't answer, including:

  • Threads addressed directly to SOE staff.
    If we responded to these threads, then you would see hundreds of posts trying to get our attention in this way. Threads with a name in the title will not see an official response.
  • Private messages asking gameplay questions.When we have answers for questions that are posted in discussion threads, we will post them. However, we will not reveal anything privately that we would not reveal in public. If you have questions, you should first read the FAQs or ask your fellow community members.
  • Private Messages asking for a response to a particular thread.
    We read as many threads on these boards as possible and respond to those which we feel we can provide constructive information. Asking us to look at or respond to a certain thread will not result in us answering a question that we otherwise wouldn't.
  • Rumors regarding internal SOE matters.Although we would love to debunk every crazy rumor that surfaces, there just isn't the time. If we don't respond to a rumor thread it doesn't mean we are hiding something, it just means that we aren't going to respond to every rumor that comes up.
  • Questions about possible employment.We'd love to help you, but we don't have anything to do with who is hired. All we can do is point you to the SOE application page.

In addition, answering Private Messages is at the discretion of the individual Developer or Community Team member.

The Big Long List of Forum Rules
The Terms of Service and the Forum Pledge are the basics, but not everyone knows exactly what is allowed or not. Below you'll find a more detailed list of specific rules that you can look at if you have a question. The Moderators and Community Team will use their best judgement in determining what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior.
In general, you may post any material written in a courteous and mature manner, providing that it is on-topic for the forum to which you are posting. This includes material which criticizes with the way that we operate the game. We do not intend to interfere with the communication of thoughts and ideas as long as the presentation is constructive and appropriate for all of those individuals capable of reading the forums.
You may NOTpost on the forums or place in a signature any material that:

  • Attacks or insults others on the board. Please feel free to debate ideas, but do not turn your disagreement into an attack upon the poster or any person or group.
  • Engages in name-calling, harassment, or threats.
  • Contains obscenity, vulgarity, profanity or is ***ual in nature. Though we do have a filter in place which aims to catch unintentional obscenity, this is not a license to abuse it. Bypassing the obscenity filter by using letter, number, or character combinations that allow the obscene or inappropriate word to appear is unacceptable as well.
  • Disparages any religion, race, nation, gender, or ***ual orientation.
  • Is considered inappropriate for children.
  • Infringes upon anyone's privacy rights.
  • Is off-topic for the forum. These forums are provided to enable members to help each other in sharing their passion for the game.

Furthermore, you may NOT:

  • Make multiple posts on the same subject in order to have us pay attention to your issue.
  • Post comments in threads for the purpose of drawing attention to another thread on a different subject.
  • "Bump" or "/sign" threads.
  • Cross-post the same topic to multiple forums or the same message to multiple threads.
  • Make replies to posts that do not pertain to or are irrelevant to the original topic, such as: "In before the Lock", "first," or posting messages to reserve a reply spot with the intention of posting to it later.
  • Troll the forums. "Trolling" is defined as: Posting with the intent of stirring up trouble or inciting disruption. An example of trolling would be posting to a thread without the intent to provide constructive suggestions or comments and instead making disruptive comments. This also includes posting a reply that is partially on topic and then changing the subject to one that does not relate to the post (this is usually done in threads with a Developer response).
  • Post topics addressed directly to another player. The forums have a private messaging system for conversations between two players. If you would like to contact someone directly, use the private messaging system.
  • Use the official forums to debate private issues. If you have an issue with other players or groups, please resolve such disputes outside of the public forums in a private space.
  • Use the official forums as a staging ground for creating general unrest within the game or forums, such as sit-ins, polls, petitions, etc...
  • Post exploits, cheats, hacks, or links to websites or domains which contain such material. If you wish to make our teams aware of these issues, please send us a private message.
  • Use the official forums as a place to advertise the sale of Free Realms characters or items in exchange for real-world money.
  • Advertise websites with content which violates these rules, the Free Realms End User License Agreement, or the Station Terms of Service.
  • Advertise products or websites that which not related to Free Realms or Sony Online Entertainment products.
  • Make posts seeking or providing feedback about Customer Service resolutions. All requests and feedback about Customer Service issues should be handled through our Customer Service website.
  • Re-post material that has been locked or moved by the forum staff.
  • Bumping threads which are excessively old ("necro posting").

These rules also apply to the private message system and any communication with SOE employees.
Please note that these rules also apply for communication to any SOE employees. This includes emails.
We reserve the right to take any of the following actions in regard to a post which violates these forum rules. Our actions will vary depending upon the severity of the transgression. It may include any one or more of the following (in order of severity):

  • Editing of the post or signature.
  • Removal of the ability to have a signature or link and image-posting privileges.
  • Deletion of the post/thread.
  • Closing of the thread.
  • A warning attached to a player's account. Warnings are given for less severe message board infractions. Any player who receives three warnings for message board conduct will have their account banned.
  • Suspension - The responsible individual(s) will temporarily be unable to access the Free Realms forums and possibly other SOE forums. The user may also be suspended from logging to the Free Realmsgame or any other SOE title. Any subsequent warnings after a suspension will result in banishment.
  • Banishment - The responsible individual(s) will be permanently unable to access the Free Realms forums and possibly other SOE forums. The individual(s) access to the Free Realms game, or any other SOE game may be removed or Station Account closed.
  • Legal Action - If necessary, we may contact law enforcement personnel or take other appropriate legal action.

Those individuals who violate the rules of the boards may or may not receive any warning before action is taken. In the event that a warning is given, the warning will be added to the applicable game account history and may result in further action should the penalized player demonstrate a pattern of engaging in prohibited conduct. Philosophically and administratively, there is no difference between conduct in-game and conduct on the forums.

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