Hello and welcome to Ye Ole Holiday Shoppe! This store sells stuff from past holidays that you can't get anymore, and you may want them. So buy now because once they're gone, they're really gone. ( @Ashley or another mod: please delete my other shop because it was a big failure and I know you only want us to have one shop so thanks!)

Note: Please be aware that the farther back the holiday was, the more expansive the item will be.

Name-Price-Effect-Stock Number


Widow Candy-$500-Turns User into a black widow for 3 minutes-18
Wraith Candy-$500-Turns user into a wraith for 3 minutes-35
Tarantula Candy-S500-Turns user into a tarantula for 3 minutes-32
Candy Cane-$250-Surrounds user in peppermints-1
Tree Cut-out Cookie-$250-Turns user into an ornament covered Floren-1
Ornament Cut-out Cookie-$250-Turns user into a giant ornament-2
Gingerbread Cookie-$250-Makes user shrink-2
Fruitcake-$250-Turns user into a fruitcake monster-12
Bell Cut-out Cookie-$250-Puts a little bell over user's head, showers sparkle and makes a tinkling noise-3