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    Default World Famous Wizard Salesman

    I sell Wizard materials!
    Anything exept the following:

    1. Wand of spectral fire
    2. Orb of spectral fire
    3. Master Helmet
    4. Master Robe
    5. Master Gloves
    6. Master Shoes

    Thats it! just Whisper, or if you see me in the game, (My name is Keith Lifemetal) Tell me! If you have any questions, post it to this thread and I will try to respond ASAP!
    If you are an Insider, I would love to be your friend. All you have to do is sent me a request. I am usually on server 1 so just send me a request and I would be happy to accept!!!

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    Default Re: World Famous Wizard Salesman

    I believe starting multiple threads ends up closing them (I have had a admin tell me)
    Server One

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