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    Default winter wonderland

    *WINTER WoNdErLaNd*
    Just the basic rules...
    Spoiler: show
    -no fighting
    -no off topic or spam
    -first come, first serve

    *Ign* Amber Kindpaws
    Icy - Available
    Orange - On Hold
    Gray - SOLD
    bandicam 2013-11-13 21-14-07-414.jpg
    If need of any pictures or questions, please ask

    * Boys * 12k unless marked
    Thermal Winterware Jacket
    Rugged Winterware Boots


    * Girls * 12k unless marked
    Toasty Winterware Gloves
    * Both Genders * 15k unless marked
    -Black Tacky Reindeer Sweater

    *ToYs * 1k unless marked (but if I were you I would buy toys from Endermanspain's shop instead)
    Sandscale Hunter
    Robgoblin Scrapsmith
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    Love food.

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