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    Default Winter Bound Sale!!!

    Alpine Winter Boots (Green, Girls Only)-50,000
    Alpine Winter Boots (Brown, Girls Only)-50,000
    Alpine Winter Boots (Regular, Girls Only)-50,000

    Alpine Winterwear Pants (Regular color, Girls Only)-50,000 Coins

    Alpine Winterwear Jacket (Regular color, Girls Only)-50,000 Coins

    Alpine Winterwear Gloves (Regular Color, Girls Only)-50,000 Coins

    Alpine Winterwear Hat (Green and white, Girls Only)-50,000 Coins
    Toasty Winterwear Hat (Purple, Girls Only)-70,000 Coins
    ---------------------- --------------------- -------------------- -------------------------

    Belt Items*:
    Eggnog x11-500 coins
    Fruit Cake x10-500 coins
    Pumpkin Candy x2-500 coins
    Stone Heart's Candy x15-500 coins
    Skeleton Candy x2-500 coins
    Tarantula Candy-500 coins
    Tree Cut-out Cookie x15-500 coins
    Widow Candy x3-500 coins
    Wraith Candy x4-500 coins

    *If you would like to know the effects of a belt item, let me know, and I'll tell you.

    If you think any prices are to high, please let me know and I'll lower them. I have posted pictures on here so you can see the colors, looks, etc.
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    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

    Help us help make THIS Christmas Event a success!!

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