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    Default WANTED! Stopping Power Medic BOOTS!

    I want Stopping Power Medic BOOTS. Im offering one piece from my list themt!!! HELP ME OUT PLEASE!


    I Am Offering one of the following:

    Jonin Mask
    Jonin Shoulderguard
    Jonin Chest Plate
    Jonin Arms
    Jonin Boots
    Fully Loaded Miner Gloves
    First Class Postman Gloves
    Bullseye Archer Hat
    Lost in fog and love and faithless fear,
    I've had kisses that make Judas seem sincere..

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    Default Re: WANTED! Stopping Power Medic BOOTS!

    i do have them but i already have all of those items do you have anything else?

    Kiperrrful (AKA Kiperrr, Kippy, Kipster, Kip)
    IGN: Kiperrrful Server 4

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