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    Default Want to Trade: Lvl 20 Miner/Archer (07 Sep 2010)

    Hi, It's a lot of fun trading and selling thing so I have bought many things and it's been a lot of fun.

    Hey, I have two items I would like to trade or sell. So here they are! Be sure to check out the images.

    Max level mining gear - Fully Loaded Miner Pants
    Max level archer gear - Bull's-Eye Archer Hat

    I will consider any coin offers, but what I really want is more max level gear. I most interested in Fully Loaded Miner Kerchief and anything related to the Mage gear or something that matches the Elite Black Gi Lolaya gave me.

    Cheers Everyone

    I have a couple of images to show you how great these look. I used the neat spoiler tag to make things look nice.
    Spoiler: show

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    Default Re: Want to Trade: Lvl 20 Miner/Archer (07 Sep 2010)

    hey like around how much do you want for the archer hat?

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