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    Icon1 VR-Chugawug Thug Mask Posted Trade

    I am collecting masks that come as VRs from the FreeRealms TCG
    (Trading Card Game). Currently I am in possesion of theMan-eating Plant mask, the Purple Frog mask, and the Robgoblin cooking mask. I have recently posted a trade for a Chugawug Thug mask in the TCG trade lobby. The single item i am requesting is the mentioned mask, while the gain for you, will be a bunch of VRs. Check out my trade,and if you have the mask, please accpet trade, you will not be disappointed with it.

    To get to TCG
    Game Guide >>> Play Trading Card Game >>> GO!! >>> Navigaton Bar >>> Trade Cards >>> Trades I Can Do >>> Accpet
    I quit...

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    Default Re: VR-Chugawug Thug Mask Posted Trade

    for the sake of people that might actually have this VR, his offer is as follows:
    2x doggy island sandals.
    2x crimson rose.
    1x arrow thru the head hat.
    1x doggy island lei.
    1x jumbo mana potion.
    1x jumbo health potion.
    1x kitty ninja cowl.
    1x heart candy.
    1x goblin smith apple.

    All that could be yours for just the price of a chug mask -_-

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