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    Icon6 ~Vivid Designs~ *FREE Advertisements and Designs*

    Vivid Designs

    One week is max time for your design to be delivered.
    We only do avvies, siggies, and business/group posters.

    Designs done on
    The design will be posted on this thread, after that it's yours!
    The PENDING section is for designs that are complete.
    Fill out this form so I can accurately make your design-

    What color and scene theme? (e.i- nature, green. artic, blue. jungle, dark green.)
    Any characters? Send me a pic of a character you want on the design and I'll put it on.
    What should it say? (e.i- Happy Birthday, (Name Here)!
    What color of text and what font? (Preview the site first to see available fonts.)
    Optional: What Holiday? (if you can't explain on question 1)

    Please note that if a design doesn't fit the limits of size for your avvie/siggie settings, then if this is the case, the design will be shortened.

    Examples of my work:

    pizap pic.jpg
    pizap icon.png.jpg

    And more to come!!!
    Please order designs today! Thank you!

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