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    Default ♥~Vibration~♥ Dakota's Market (5/9/2012)

    Hey guys, welcome to the "Vibration Market."

    I - buy/sell/trade items - Old school, elite, quick shot, combat included<3 also vaults!

    Please read the rules before posting or doing anything, thanks.


    1.) Be respectful - and I will as well.
    2.) All Free Realms Insider rules apply.
    3.) First come first serve.
    4.) Don't rush me - I have a life.

    Spoiler: show
    Vaults are limited - I don't have many.

    Start Shopping!


    Astro Helmets:

    Bubblegum x1

    I would like the follow item for this rare - in spoiler.

    Spoiler: show
    x1 Hoody Jacket (rolled sleeve)

    Bee Antennae's:

    Brown x1
    Light Purple x1
    Grey x1

    ♥What I would like for the follow item for the this - in spoiler.♥

    Spoiler: show
    Ruffled blouses or shouldered mids

    Vault Hats:

    Vault green baseball cap

    What I want:
    Spoiler: show
    One beret or any other vault(s)

    Seeker's Hat:

    x1 Brown

    What I want:
    Spoiler: show
    Another hat

    Felt berets:

    Only buying with vaultberry, sorry!


    Light purple x1

    Only trading for Dark yellow. (sc yellow)



    Hot pink vest blouse: 40k -buying-

    High tops

    Dark blue
    Light green
    Light purple


    I have every flower - 90k each

    more will be updated


    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: ♥~Vibration~♥ Dakota's Market (5/9/2012)

    Bumping it up up up up up up up....


    I am also offering for a five dollar sc card


    Baseball cap [vault - green]
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: ♥~Vibration~♥ Dakota's Market (5/9/2012)

    Just a opinion but,
    I think you should organize this better,
    Such as having all your selling in one section with labels (Head,Gloves,Chest,Legs,Shoes,etc.)
    Then everything your buying in another section.
    But next to your selling you can say for example:
    SC Blue Ruffled Blouse -Only trading for SC Purple

    In my opinion it would make it easier for people to know what to buy and to trade.

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