I am trading the following vaults for elite as said in the title. I don't want SS and will only accept ninja if it's more than one piece for one of my items. I have the right to reject any offer so don't offer things you know will be unfair.
I have:
Boys Vaults:
Dark Brown Flannel
Light Green Flannel
Magenta Flannel
Old Purple Hoodie
Light Blue Hoodie
Magenta Layered shirt
Light Blue Long-Sleeve Flare
Yellow One Stripe shirt
Light Blue One Stripe shirt
Dark Brown Short Sleeve plaid
Old Purple Stripe Polo
Yellow Swirly shirt
Yellow Baggy Jeans
Yellow Bermuda Shorts
Light Blue Boot cut pants (boys only)
Light Green Cargo Shorts
Orange Cargo Shorts
Orange Dress shoes
Magenta Orange-Strapped flip slops
Old Purple Suede shoes
Light blue Work boots
Both Genders:
Yellow Boot Cut
Light Blue Boot Cut
Old Purple Small Stitched
Yellow Small Stitched pants
Girls Vaults:
Orange Blouse Vest
Brown Cardigan
Gold Cardigan
Brown Pink Small Sweater
Light Blue Pink Small Sweater (Maybe)
Orange Stripe Ruffled Blouse
Light Green Stripe Ruffled Blouse
Orange Layered Skirt
Light Green Baggy pants